Gingerbread Men Recipe

Preparation Mix chia seeds and water and leave to swell for 10 minutes. Mix oat flour with buckwheat flour, coconut oil, spices, [...]

Bananabread Protein Balls

Preparation Mix all ingredients together and form into small balls & Done! Contained products created [...]

Sore muscles? These tips really help

Those who have really exhausted themselves during sports will be happy the next day with [...]

Banana cake

Preparation Mix bananas with apple cider vinegar, milk, almond paste and baking soda. Add baking soda, rice flour, almond flour, cornstarch, baking powder and [...]

Lovesickness - 7 tips against it

Heartbreak is a damn tricky box in the truest sense of the word. After all, after [...]

Vulva Shaming - A Widespread Phenomenon?

Let's face it. We women are often plagued by self-doubt. Especially when it comes to [...]

All about psyllium husks

What are psyllium husks? The fact that psyllium husks are so popular is no wonder. But what [...]

Chocolate chip mugcake with hazelnuts

Preparation Stir the muffin mix with the almond milk. Chop the chocolate and hazelnuts and fold into the batter. [...]

Fitness pasta with vegan cheese sauce

Zubereitung Cashew Kerne über Nacht in Wasser einweichen. Die Karotte und Kartoffeln schälen und in [...]

Protein Pizza

Zubereitung Das Pizza Mix Pulver mit Wasser und Olivenöl vermischen und zu einem Teig verkneten. [...]

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