Women's Magic Mix

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Women's Magic Mix

Your daily dose of magic - the strong trio for beauty, shaping, and cravings.

Our drink not only provides essential nutrients for skin, hair, and nails but also contains natural metabolism-boosting and appetite-suppressing components.

  • Skin, Hair & Nails Vitamin Cocktail
  • Mit Glucomannan als Sattmacher – 300mg pro Portion.
  • Garcinia Cambogia und Grüntee-Extrakt unterstützen deinen Stoffwechsel
  • Vitamin D und Eisen tragen zu einem normalen Immunsystem und Energiestoffwechsel bei*.
  • Biotin und Zink tragen zu einem normalen Stoffwechsel und zur Erhaltung von Haut, Haaren und Nägeln bei*.
  • Magnesium contributes to a balanced electrolyte balance, a healthy nervous system, and strong bones.
  • Large can, up to 50 daily servings
  • Delicious and refreshing - the perfect start to the day.

Bei Glucomannan handelt es sich um einen Stoff, der aus der Konjakwurzel gewonnen wird, die auch als Teufelszunge bekannt ist. Chemisch betrachtet ist Glucomannan eine stärkeähnliche Substanz, die sich aus komplexen Kohlenhydratketten zusammensetzt. Glucomannan trägt im Rahmen einer kalorienarmen Ernährung zu Gewichtsverlust bei. Die positive Wirkung stellt sich bei einer täglichen Aufnahme von 3 g Glucomannan in drei Portionen à 1 g in Verbindung mit jeweils 1-2 Gläsern Wasser vor den Mahlzeiten ein*.

The enormous water-binding capacity of the dietary fiber causes glucomannan to swell in the gastrointestinal tract after ingestion. In the process, the substance absorbs the water and becomes a gel-like mass that can easily take on ten times its volume. Due to the increase in volume and the consistency of the mass, the feeling of satiety occurs much faster, so you eat significantly less. In addition, the feeling of satiety also lasts longer.


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Color: betanin, sweeteners: Sucralose and steviol glycosides, alpha lipoic acid, flavors, Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract, glucomannan, green tea extract, guarana seed extract, inulin, L-carnitine tartrate, Minerals (calcium salts of orthophosphoric acid, magnesium carbonate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium molybdate, sodium selenite, manganese sulfate, chromium (III) chloride, copper sulfate, potassium iodide), acidity regulator: Citric acid, vitamins (calcium D-pantothenate, D-biotin, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, menaquinone, cholecalciferol).

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy: 266kcal, Protein: 0.0g, Fat: 0.0g, of which saturated fat: 0.0g, Carbohydrates: 0.0g, of which sugar: 0.0g, Fiber: 0.0g, Salt: 0.00g

Nutritional values per serving:

Energy: 16kcal, Protein: 0.0g, Fat: 0.0g, of which saturated fat: 0.0g, Carbohydrates: 0.0g, of which sugar: 0.0g, Fiber: 0.0g, Salt: 0.00g

Material description:

Nahrungsergänzungsmittel mit Vitaminen, Mineralien und Glucomannan

Intake times:

1 time daily, preferably in the morning

Intake Recommendation:

Dissolve one 6 g serving (1 heaping scoop) in 250 ml of water. Take 1 time daily, preferably in the morning.

Areas of application:

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300g, 50 servings


Lovely Lemon, Pink Lemonade

Nutrition info:

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Other features:

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39 reviews for Women’s Magic Mix

  1. carina265 -

    Super! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. The packaging is also wow

  2. Celina -

    Am thrilled! Taste mega & makes really full! I drink the always in the morning, then I have at noon much less hunger / ravenous appetite

  3. Dalma89 -

    No, mine is already empty. When will it be back?

  4. FitnFemale -

    Hello dear Dalma

    The Women's Magic Mix should be available again by the end of the week 🙂 .

  5. Nicole -

    Tastes super delicious and is my new start to the day! I will definitely get me again

  6. Nadja -

    Tastes super delicious! And I now save me some other additional tablets and drinks early in the morning since everything is already included here. I will definitely order again.

  7. Alex -

    Normally I am very skeptical.
    BUT full recommendation!!! I take it now for 14 days.
    I no longer feel so weak, the feeling of hunger is not so extreme.and the attacks on sweet especially before menstruation is blown away. I have breakfast at half past five in the morning at 10 I drink it at work, tastes very tasty and refreshing. Then it is perfectly enough to eat around 13 her lunch. Sometimes I would even overlook dinner because I just don't have the extreme hunger pangs anymore and how it is when you "diet".... when can I eat... that's gone too.
    Clear recommendation!!! Buy it again for sure. Since a subscription option would not be bad 😊

  8. stella33 -

    I love him. Wanted to order him again. Waaaruum is the always sold out? 🙁

  9. Caro -

    I was skeptical at first, but the ingredients have convinced me and I wanted to at least try it. And what can I say: I am completely thrilled. The drink tastes really really great and now saves me some tablets. The contained Glucomannan is of course still a super highlight on top.

    Very sad that he is so often sold out, besides, a bundle saver price would be really great 😉

  10. Franziska Meuli -

    One of my favorites!

  11. Angelica -

    Just mega! Favorite product and a fixed part of my morning routine

  12. Svetlana Penner -

    Very very satisfied

  13. peckary.claudia1 -

    Tastes very tasty, I drink it every morning and feel very good! Can quietly recommend!

  14. annemarie.lausch -

    The magic mix tastes really good, only for my taste a little too much sweetness, which is not diluted even in the white drinking bottle with 750 ml! I find it a real pity, but @fitnfemale, if you want to test a recipe with less sugar I volunteer times 😉 otherwise a clear buy recommendation!

  15. Wendy Spaderna -

    Unfortunately much too sweet for my taste

  16. FitnFemale -

    Dear Wendy

    Tip: Use more water 🙂

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  17. Sara -

    I drank the Magic Mix in the morning on an empty stomach. It actually tastes very good, but I feel sick after taking it. I always have the feeling that I have to throw up. My stomach growls then the whole day although I eat. Why is this so@fitnfemal. I want to continue taking it but not with these side effects. What can I do? Otherwise I am fully satisfied with the products.

  18. FitnFemale -

    Dear Sara

    We recommend that you eat something and drink enough water before taking it.
    We hope these symptoms will then disappear.

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  19. Jasmina Allram -

    I really hope it helps

  20. Nicol -

    However, after taking it, I feel slightly sick and dizzy and sweaty.
    I don't know what the reason is, but maybe someone here has an answer.

  21. FitnFemale -

    Dear Nicol

    We recommend you eat something before taking it or start with half a serving and then increase after a few days.

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  22. sara_aigner -

    Tastes good to me, my highlight in the morning. Have really hardly hungry and then eat only at 13.00 something

  23. tenth_house_e -

    I find very tasty and he also makes full, I think. I like to take it in the evening when I actually feel like something sweet. Helps super 👍🏾

  24. Anja Nigg -

    The new flavor lovely lemon is sooo mega delicious. Not too sweet and reminds me of a flavor from my childhood. Like lemon limo or something. Top 😍

  25. Carolin -

    The new flavor has actually tasted me only at the 2nd attempt. Meanwhile, I like him but just like Pink Lemonade. Suuuper delicious. <3
    I've been drinking the Magic Mix daily for over a year now and wouldn't want to go a day without it.

  26. Burcu -

    I like both varieties. I love the drink and it also makes really full, I would not have thought

  27. carina_wenzelmann -

    Pink lemonade is not my cup of tea, but lovely lemon is. my highlight of the morning.
    i would recommend not to take the drink on an empty stomach

  28. Phyllis -

    All-time fave 💋

  29. Lis Hildebrandt -

    I think your products are great. Only this product makes me terribly sick. Hardly bearable. I have eaten in the morning before extra a bananae and also despite drinking enough it is not avoidable. About tips I would still be happy !😀

  30. FitnFemale -

    Dear Lis

    We are sorry to hear that. We recommend you to drink the drink after noon or in the evening and eat enough before.

    Your team from FitnFemale

  31. Nicole -

    The Magic Mix is so awesome.
    I had it yesterday for the first time and already noticed something positive.
    I am already excited about it.
    Also the delivery, the support is all top!!! Nice to have found you.
    I will definitely try other things. Possibly you can give me a tip what would be a booster to lose weight?
    Thank you very much!

  32. FitnFemale -

    Dear Nicole

    Thanks for your great feedback!

    Sure, we can recommend our Pink Burn:

    or the Night Burn without caffeine:

    Your team from FitnFemale

  33. Sonja Raab -

    Have ordered Lovely Lemon. It tastes mega good and is perfectly sweet as I want it to be. I feel full of energy after taking it and I have less cravings and feel very full. Top will definitely order it again.

  34. michelle van der beer -

    My daily routine ❤️ I love him

  35. double.trouble26 -

    Likes the taste and the effect

  36. Manuela W. -

    The Magic Mix and Pink Burn are my 2 favorites 🥰

  37. Mona Sankhla -

    Very fast delivery, everything top! Lovely Lemon tastes very good to me, will continue to test it.

  38. raya698 -

    Trinke ich täglich und freue mich jeden Tag aufs Neue drauf 😍

  39. David Mraz -

    Schmeckt sehr gut, löst sich auch gut auf. Wirkung ist auch echt top. Meiner ist fast leer….
    warte nur schon seit Wochen, das der wieder hier verfügbar wird…wann kommt er wieder?
    via Mail Support sagte man mir, dass er diese Woche wieder verfügbar sein wird, nur war nix davon zu sehen und ich schaue jeden Tag hier rein….:(

  40. Dona -

    Wann ist Pink Lemonade wieder verfügbar?

  41. FitNFemale -

    Hallo Dona

    Wir erwarten den Magic Mix Pink Lemonade bis Ende dieser Woche zurück. Wir informieren dann via Newsletter aber nochmals.

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  42. FitNFemale -

    Gute Neuigkeiten, der Women’s Magic Mix ist zurück! 😘 Dein Team von FitnFemale

  43. Larissa -

    ER ist zwar gut aber jedoch schmeckt er nach meiner meinung nicht so toll.

    Muss nicht schmecken, sondern wirken 🙂

  44. shona.blum -

    Ich habe den Magic Mix erhalten, konnte ihn aber noch nicht probieren. Bin gespannt, wie er bei mir wirkt 🙂

    Nun noch eine Frage, kann man den mit den 24 VITAMINS & MINERALS nehmen, oder bringt das nichts weil dieselben Vitamine drin sind? Oder könnte man z.B. den Drink am Morgen nehmen, und am Abend eine der beiden empfohlenen Tabletten?

  45. [email protected] -

    Liebe Shona

    Danke für deine Nachricht. Women’s Magic Mix lässt sich gut mit den 24 Vitamins & Minerals kombinieren. Ich empfehle dir, den Women’s Magic Mix morgens und die 24 Vitamins & Minerals mittags einzunehmen. Du kannst 2 Tabletten einnehmen. Falls du jedoch plötzlich Durchfall haben solltest, dann müsstest du es auf 1 Tablette reduzieren. Zuviel Magnesium kann Durchfall auslösen und beide Produkte beinhalten Magnesium, aber das sollte nicht passieren. Höre auf deinen Körper 😉

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  46. Mona -

    Ich finde ihn geschmacklich gut, aber leider wird er einige Minuten nach dem anrühren schnell gräulich wodurch ich ihn fast runter exen muss, deshalb ein Stern abzug. Warum ist dies so?

  47. Alexa Delia -

    Wann ist „Lovely Lemon“ wieder verfügbar?

  48. FitNFemale -

    Liebe Mona

    Das geschieht aufgrund der sehr vielen enthaltenen Inhaltsstoffe und auch, weil diese mit dem Glucomannan reagieren. Die Qualität wird deswegen aber keineswegs beeinträchtigt.

    Dein Team von FitNFemale

  49. Linda -

    ich finde wirklich, dass meine Haare viel stärker geworden sind und meine Nägel sind nicht mehr so brüchig. Tranke den magic mix seit 4 Monaten

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The products are just insane! Am amazingly satisfied with all. Taste and nutritional value are mega and success can be seen even after a week. I am super satisfied.


Am excited about your great selection and look forward to trying the products.


Very good processing and fast delivery ? The products are super tasty. I am thrilled.


Dear FitnFemale team, I was very pleased with your delivery and the great products. I was also very happy about the small unannounced surprise in the package. Thank you very much.


Taste of the isolates are not artificial. Great company and super fast delivery Top!!!Order again and again with pleasure!


I think the store is great. The homepage is also great. Everything is explained well and understandably. That's why I also ordered the training and nutrition plan.


Great support, unique products - I am a huge fan 👍


Fast processing, fast shipping and the products are also top!


Super fast delivery would be.The goods correspond to the description. Very good stuff with it. Many thanks


The delivery is super fast. The next day the package is there. Your products are great and until now I am fully satisfied.


Very fast delivery and always trouble free!


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