Shape Me Shake

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Shape Me Shake

Your perfect partner on the way to your fitness goal

Our Shape Me Shake contains a unique composition of ingredients that can help support fitness and energy.

  • Mit Protein, das zum Aufbau und Erhalt von Muskulatur beiträgt
  • Enthält L-Carnitin, Zink, Magnesium und Piperin, die zur Nährstoffversorgung beitragen können
  • Milk from happy pasture cows: Our shake is made with milk from happy pasture cows that grow up without antibiotics and hormones.
  • Completely supported: With the addition of L-Carnitine, Zinc, Magnesium and Piperin, our shake becomes a complete nutrient boost.
  • Irresistible taste: Enjoy the irresistible taste whether with water or milk.
  • Aspartamfrei, glutenfrei und sojafrei, um deiner gesunden Ernährung gerecht zu werden
  • Environmentally conscious: 100% recyclable packaging for a more sustainable future.

Shape Me Shake supports metabolism and regeneration. 1-3 shakes a day for more fitness and energy.


Piperine is a natural ingredient found in high concentrations in pepper. In recent years, it has established itself as a promising active ingredient in the field of weight reduction.

One of the most important effects of piperine is its ability to increase metabolism and boost fat burning. Some studies have shown that piperine can increase thermogenesis in the body, which means that it increases body temperature, thereby increasing fat burning. It has also been shown to reduce hunger pangs, which can help reduce calorie intake.

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring substance that is usually synthesized from the amino acid lysine and vitamin C.

The Shape Me Shake contains a combination of Whey, Casein and Eggprotein as protein sources. This selection has a decisive advantage: A multi-component protein achieves a significantly higher biological value than individual proteins. This means that the proteins in the shake can be absorbed more efficiently by your body and thus be converted into the body's own proteins. A higher biological value thus leads to a better support of the body's own protein synthesis.


Note: Results may vary from individual to individual and no specific health results are guaranteed. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


0,5 kg


Flavor, biotin, calcium caseinate, folic acid, chicken egg white, L-carnitine tartrate, magensium oxide, whey protein concentrate, niacin, pantothenic acids, acidifier (citric acid), sweetener, thickener (xanthan gum), vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc oxide.

Nutritional values per serving:

Energy: 111kcal, Protein: 21.8g, Fat: 1.5g, of which saturated fat: 0.8g, Carbohydrates: 2.4g, of which sugar: 2.0g, Fiber: 0.2g, Salt: 0.18g

Nutritional values per 100g:

Energy: 370kcal, Protein: 72.6g, Fat: 5.0g, of which saturated fat: 2.8g, Carbohydrates: 7.9g, of which sugar: 6.6g, Fiber: 0.2g, Salt: 0.6g

Material description:

Dietary supplement with protein, L-carnitine, vitamins, magnesium, zinc and piperine.


Whey protein

Intake Recommendation:

Add 30 GR powder (2 scoops) with 200 ML water (or with 250 ML milk) in the shaker and shake for 10-15 seconds. Drink 1-3 shakes daily, as needed

Intake times:

Evening, Morning, Before workout

Nutrition info:

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Areas of application:

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16 Shakes, 480 GR

Other features:

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Main ingredients:

Egg Protein, L-Carnitine, Magnesium, Milk Protein (Casein), Minerals, Various Vitamins, Whey Protein (Whey), Zinc


Latte Macchiato, Strawberry Cheesecake, Crispy Coconut, Double Chocolate, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Soft Raspberry




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40 reviews for Shape Me Shake

  1. Alija -

    Very tasty!

  2. landolt -

    Very happy with it and makes mega full! Take it always instead of breakfast OR dinner. Shipping was also very fast!!!

  3. hamythai -

    Absolute favorite , so delicious!

  4. Lou Köster -

    Top. Have tried Cheesecak & Chocolate.

  5. Milla -

    Simply top!

  6. m.frankenhofer -

    I opted for vanilla and I must say very tasty. I drink the shake with milk, because with water he has not tasted me at all. With water, the taste of vanilla does not come to the fore. The only thing that makes me a little puzzled is that I taste a slight sharpness?!? Maybe I'm also GAGA ;-)!!! Try it out for yourself!!! Clear buy recommendation.

  7. milainolvidable -

    I love it

  8. Joelle -

    Who made everything possible for me...
    become aware through Influencerin and tested and...

    Simply mega!
    Never crash diets again. No more starving. Never again jojo effect.

    Fitnfemale has given me a new life. I finally feel at home in my body. The products were the key to everything -20kilo even without exercise.
    It is simply an indescribable feeling. I took the shake and snacked on all the snacks because they are totally delicious and my pounds are already falling. I do not believe in miracle cures but please what is thatsssss!!!!!

    I love it!

  9. Laura stern -

    Very good has helped

  10. Marie -

    Very tasty and yet few calories, sugar and what else you see so unwillingly. Had Berry Cheesecake and try me now times with Crispy Coconut am gespannt🙏🏼💕

  11. Laura -

    Have the flavor Coconut - must definitely order me more flavors. I'm basically not a fan of protein shakes but this is the 1st shake I tried and tastes really delicious! Have him also tried with water - even then mega tasty, which I would never have thought in life. Can you recommend to 100 %.

  12. Céline -

    French Vanilla with milk tastes so good! 😍

  13. Mytze -

    Tastes super delicious and satiates well! Have tried cheesecake and double chocolate 🍰🍫🤤

  14. Melanie -

    Very tasty, a little sweet but not so bad! Saturates without end for at least 4 hours at least with me! Will now try cocos had latte maciato

  15. marisa.michlenz -

    Double Chocolate is super delicious - nice smooth taste and not artificial at all !

  16. Natalie -

    Super yummy!!!!!! I love it!

  17. Patricia miller -

    Received today and tested directly. Had french vanillia. What can I say... The first shake tastes mega delicious... And not as powdery as others... Makes well full and you're really looking forward to the next because it was so tasty... Clear recommendation, I want nothing else.

  18. annemarie.lausch -

    After I have wrestled with me for a long time, because I have already had many different powders, the decision was right to try another shake! tastes like chocolate and not like powder or sugar! My favorite in terms of shakes 😀

  19. Sarah -

    The shake itself is really good. However, I find him very sweet.

  20. andrea -

    My Asolutes favorite Whey of all <3

    Best consistency and taste double Chocolate tastes 1 to 1 like a Schoggi Drink LOVE IT

  21. Meisner_lilly -

    Very tasty (I have coconut) and makes very full.

  22. petra.stehling -

    I love your shakes, was previously Foodspring customer, far not to compare with yours! Top!

  23. leslie -

    Very tasty and plus point because the shake is still enriched with piperine + co. I had until now vanilla & raspberry

  24. Ezgi -

    Favorite shake 💖

  25. eliona -

    My daily companion for 3 years. I like: Chocolate, Vanilla and Salted Caramel. Soft Raspberry is not at all my case

  26. Basak -

    I love tiramisu.

  27. Mona Stalder -

    satiates super. have strawberry cheesecake tastes delicious is a little too sweet for me, will try other flavors. 😉

  28. Rina -

    Super tasty prefer chocolate and raspberry.
    Would be happy about the flavor mango yet 😊

  29. vlera -

    Tiramisu I have tried so far and I like very much. And compliments to your customer service. GLS has my package first verschlampt and I was helped so great 🌸

  30. Eliza -

    So coconut is not so my thing. But latte macchiato is very tasty and salted caramel too.

  31. merlina -

    Can I take the shake after my workout instead of before?

  32. FitnFemale -

    Hello dear Merlina

    Yes, you can also take the All-In-One Shape Shake well after training.

    Your team from FitnFemale

  33. Verena -

    Have ordered the shake Tiramisu. With milk, the shake is super tasty and nice and creamy!!! A great drink to replace a meal. Top!!!!!

  34. Franciele Silva -

    When will the other flavors be available again?

  35. FitnFemale -

    Dear Franciele

    We hope in 2-3 weeks. Due to the current shortage of raw materials, there are currently very long waiting times.

    Your team from FitnFemale

  36. Natasha Müggler -

    I find strawberry cheese is too lemony and I do not like it so much. Überleg me whether I should try another. And to send back the packaged

  37. Steffi -

    Suuuper!!! My favorite is clearly strawberry cheesecake 😍 substitute as breakfast or dinner ....

  38. Daniela Oftinger -

    I had concerns, with each protein shake I had to gag. I ordered Double Chocolate and I love it! So good 🥰 Finally a tasty shake.
    When Vanilla is available again, I will order this one too. MEEGAAAA

  39. Nat. -

    Ich wollte fragen, ob man diesen Shape auch kombiniert einnehmen kann ( all you need shake als Mahlzeitenersatz und diesen shape me shake vor dem training ) ? Oder soll man isch für einen Shake am Tag entscheiden?

  40. FitnFemale -

    Hallo Nat

    Ja, diese beiden Shakes kannst du gut kombinieren.

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  41. Sheila -

    Vanille schmeckt wirklich gut. Könnte ihn aber nicht jeden Tag einnehmen, da brauche ich schon abwechslung. Den Pfeffer merke ich persönlich nur leicht, ist aber nicht unagenehm.

  42. Ashanah -

    Oh my! The French vanilla flavour is out of this world! This has really helped me hit my protein goals!

  43. Fabienne -

    Dieser Shake in Vanille ist mein Liebling. Mische den unter alles. Wann kommt er wieder?

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The products are just insane! Am amazingly satisfied with all. Taste and nutritional value are mega and success can be seen even after a week. I am super satisfied.


Am excited about your great selection and look forward to trying the products.


Very good processing and fast delivery ? The products are super tasty. I am thrilled.


Dear FitnFemale team, I was very pleased with your delivery and the great products. I was also very happy about the small unannounced surprise in the package. Thank you very much.


Taste of the isolates are not artificial. Great company and super fast delivery Top!!!Order again and again with pleasure!


I think the store is great. The homepage is also great. Everything is explained well and understandably. That's why I also ordered the training and nutrition plan.


Great support, unique products - I am a huge fan 👍


Fast processing, fast shipping and the products are also top!


Super fast delivery would be.The goods correspond to the description. Very good stuff with it. Many thanks


The delivery is super fast. The next day the package is there. Your products are great and until now I am fully satisfied.


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