Every door that can be opened annually on the advent calendar, is the mass of questions that revolve around the holidays. What and how much can I eat? What do I have to go without? Can I eat anything from the richly laid table without ruining my results? Questions such as these rightly occupy many recreational athletes who do not want to sacrifice their hard-earned results. But what if the answer to these questions was completely different than expected? What if we said that you do not have to miss out on anything? After all, Christmas is only once a year! This is exactly the answer we want to give you in terms of eating on the holidays, although the whole thing does not work without some compromise. What steps can you take to prevent your family from appearing like a hungry and bad-tempered Grinch during the Christmas holidays is explained in the following article. Just look at it as a little Christmas present from us..

Tip 1 · Reduce your carbohydrate intake six days before the feast

As we all know, most of the menus served at Christmas are teeming with delicious carbohydrates, which we certainly do not want to miss out on during the holiday season. What would a roast turkey be without stuffing? Not to mention gingerbread cookies! So how do you best handle the carbohydrate flood without having to do without something? Quite simply, you reduce your carbohydrate intake a few days before the upcoming feast, so your glycogen stores in the liver and muscles empty. The drastic reduction in carbohydrate intake should occur three days before Day X and be around one gram per kilogram of body weight. After you've done that, it's going to be really hard again, just because it's just before Christmas, because in the remaining three days, you're cutting your carbohydrate consumption down by half to 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. On day X you now have the great advantage that the feast will look like a classic re-feed-day and will revitalize your metabolism after the comparatively long-lasting low-carbohydrate phase. As a result, even carbohydrates from cookies and biscuits do not end up as fat on your hips, but directly in the glycogen stores.

Tip 2 · intermittent fasting

If you have enough time, it is certainly possible to prepare a feast with a low carb concept. But what do you do if you are invited to join your cousin at a spontaneous Christmas party on short notice and you do not have a long lead time? Well, you could of course go to the party, leave the buffet and sullenly stay at the salad bar the whole evening while everyone else around you is dedicated to roast turkey. Since this is not a satisfactory solution, we would like to give you an alternative. The way out of this seemingly hopeless situation is called intermittent fasting, IF for short. Although intermittent fasting is actually a long-term dietary strategy that can wonderfully reduce body fat, this does not mean that the concept of intermittent fasting could not be beneficial in the short term. With this simple trick, you can survive even the worst cheat day without major damage. However, the problem is not to eat solid food for a full day, which is just a mental block until you've gotten through the first few hours. The only thing allowed during this period is alcohol and largely non-calorific beverages such as water, black coffee or unsweetened tea. However, if you arrive at the banquet table after this ordeal, you certainly do not need to have a guilty conscience.

Tip 3· Exercise before dinner

Another strategy, with which you can prepare for a Christmas party at short notice, is simply to go back to training one more time. Of course, a half-hearted Larifari workout in the face of a big festive dinner is not enough, so you'll need to make sure you give it everything you've got in training. In addition to some intensity techniques such as super sets, a short cardio unit according to the credo of the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) should not be missed in order to use as much energy as possible. Here, for example, it makes sense to train the abdominal or calf muscles. If you can set it up, the training session should be as close as possible to the holiday meal in terms of time. If you can start training three hours earlier, this is optimal. After such a training session, of course, a Christmas dinner can be used to recharge the energy reserves of the damaged body and initiate the anabolic regeneration processes. No matter what comes to the table, it will not affect your progress!

Tip 4· Supplements can help you

While the previous three tips are about how you can work holiday food into your goals, this last, and admittedly more extensive, dietary supplement tip will help you understand the potential damage, that the holidays can do to your figure.

As with everything, there are scientists in this area who have taken on the challenge of the festive meal. Indeed, a team of Canadian and Australian researchers recently found that drinking protein shakes, and especially those containing high levels of whey, resulted in a significant reduction in hunger. As a result, subjects drinking a shake one hour before the start of the meal were significantly less vigorous than the control group. One of the causes is the release of the two appetite-inhibiting hormones cholecystokinin and GPL-1. Additionally, the scientists revealed in a comparative study that the consumption of 20-40 grams of whey protein immediately before eating leads to insulin levels being much more stable and the characteristic peaks much weaker. The lower insulin release sometimes leads to a reduced probability of the storage of body fat.

  • Green Tea Extract

    Green tea extract has long been considered an effective fat burner. However, recent studies also suggest that the extract affects the absorption of starchy foods. It was found out that the epigallocatechin contained in the green tea extract inhibits the secretion of the two enzymes alpha-glucosidase and alpha-amylase, which are responsible for breaking up starch molecules into smaller units. If these enzymes are not sufficiently present, some of the starch can not be brought into a receptive form, so some of the carbohydrates remain energetically unused. The green tea extract can be thought of as a kind of carb-blocker.

    • L-carnitine

      Much has already been written about the role that L-carnitine in the context of energy metabolism and a fatty acid transporter. However, a recent study promotes facts that should be of particular interest for our holiday struggles! In one study, selected volunteers were given 2 grams of L-carnitine twice a day over a period of 12 weeks, adding an additional 180 grams of carbohydrates to their diet. The comparison group received the same amount of carbohydrates in addition, but refrained from taking the L-carnitine. The results were astounding, because unlike the subjects of the comparison group, the subjects of the L-carnitine group did not add any body fat. It therefore remains to be expected that the intake of L-carnitine can help to reduce the negative effects of a feast.

    • Increase your metabolism with caffeine

      Caffeine is a very versatile substance that can increase both mental and physical performance. Additionally, caffeine intake promotes the release of body fat deposits and prevents new fat from being stored. As a result of the stimulating effect on the nervous system, you can also work harder without even being aware of it; burning extra calories at the same time.

      Since everyone reacts differently to caffeine, you should take it slow, unless you're already a coffee drinker and have a higher tolerance. If you do not like coffee or energy drinks, you can also take appropriate supplements. The advantage is that they are very easy to dose in comparison to coffee.

      The Pink Burn has an incredible 200mg caffeine content per portion (12g). 1 jar of energy drink has 80mg of caffeine per 250ml. The Pink Burn is very effective because of its unique effect, which kicks in 30 minutes before training. In addition to caffeine, the 2-in-1 fat burner and exercise booster also contains other exciting ingredients to stimulate the metabolism.

    • Get more fiber

      Fiber has many benefits for your health, including your heart. They can also help you effectively burn fat by stabilizing blood sugar levels. Additionally, fiber has the property of swelling in the digestive tract through contact with liquid. The Flavourite contains 85% fiber and almost no calories!

      The results of this provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety and prevents you from eating too much unintentionally. Good sources of fiber are green leafy vegetables, legumes and oatmeal. Additionally, there are high-fiber dietary supplements such as glucomannan, which serve the same purpose and can be very well dosed.


    Before you ask: yes, you can apply all these tips at once. With the ambition to keep the negative effects of the holidays as low as possible, you should not forget that Christmas is only once a year and you should treat yourself without any guilt! In this spirit, we wish you happy holidays.

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