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Your guide for an active and enjoyable vacation

Take a break from the daily grind and be enchanted by new places while you [...]

Why drinking water is so important when losing weight

Many of us have tried to lose weight at one time or another, and have come across numerous diets and [...]

Get rid of belly fat: How to melt the pounds at the waist

Summer is just around the corner and clothes are getting shorter and breezier. But instead of [...]

Why metabolic cures are not a good idea for losing weight

A metabolism cure may seem very tempting at first glance: Lose a few kilos quickly [...]

Tame your cravings: scientific explanations and practical tips

We understand how hard it can be to eat healthy and resist cravings, [...]

With grapefruits to the desired figure? - That is why they are so valuable

"Sour makes you funny and bitter makes you slim." This, or something similar, could be an advertising slogan for [...]

7 morning rituals that can help you lose weight

Anyone who has ever tried it themselves knows: Lose weight sustainably and with motivation [...]

All about psyllium husks

What are psyllium husks? The fact that psyllium husks are so popular is no wonder. But what [...]

How can I improve my immune system during the coronavirus crisis?

A strong immune system is your body's strongest line of defense against infections and viral diseases. This applies [...]

Staying fit during the Corona crisis

Gyms and swimming pools are closed, club training sessions are on hold and even training under [...]

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