Belly fat has always been and remains a problem for many women, even if the core is strong. The belly is the area that fat loss is the hardest to control. It is not easy to fight the belly fat in isolation. Nevertheless, there are many habits and special exercises that can help you get a flat and well-trained stomach and minimize stomach fat.

The following 24 tips against belly fat can be easily and quickly integrated into your everyday life. With them you can fight the subcutaneous fat in the abdominal region. You can divide the tips into these three areas: nutrition, fitness (training) and lifestyle.

Nutrition :

  • 1 · Less alcohol

    It's a tiresome topic, but it has to appear in this list. Alcohol inhibits a whole range of mechanisms in lipid metabolism.

  • 2 · Less salt

    Salt has many advantages. But too much causes increased water retention in the tissue.

  • 3 · Drink enough water

    Drink enough water. It has no calories and provides your body with the most important source of fat loss. Without water you will not lose any pounds.

  • 4 · No fast food

    Fast food has no advantages in terms of your goals. By consuming burgers and other unhealthy junk food, you only extend the deadline until the day you reach your desired figure.

  • 5 · Optimize your metabolism

    A good metabolism gives you energy and helps you to lose weight. Green tea, Green coffee, Ginger, chili, cinnamon, or high-quality fats like Omega 3 or MCT oil can work wonders. If you do not have the time to take these ingredients daily in food, you can also take them in the following products.

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  • 6 · Control your portions

    If you consume too many servings of your well-chosen foods, you will reduce their positive effects.

  • 7 · Eliminate cravings with protein shakes

    Eating nothing or not enough food is the biggest mistake you can make. You need the nutrition to eat the right nutrients like protein for burning fat and building muscle. Shakes are very popular here as they have almost no carbohydrates, fats and low calories. The Shape Shake and the Protein isolates we can highly recommend.

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  • 8 · 5 - 6 smaller meals a day

    In order to be saturated throughout the day and to keep insulin levels low in the long run, five to six smaller meals are advisable throughout the day.

  • 9 · Eat slowly

    The slower you eat, the easier the digestive process for your body. Only after 20 minutes, the satiety begins.

  • 10 · A plate of colorful

    The more colorful your plate, the better it is for you. First, it has a positive effect on your psyche; and second, many colors often mean lots of vegetables.

Fitness tips for reducing belly fat

  • 11 · Insert abdominal muscles

    It does not matter which muscle group you train. Always use your abdominal muscles.

  • 12 · Strengthen your body center

    This point occurs more often here. This only emphasizes the importance of having a strong center of the body.

  • 13 · Strength training

    Strength training is the alpha and omega when it comes to losing weight. This is especially true for your core. If you do not always have the energy and/or want a workout booster that also acts as a fat burner at the same time, then you're with the Pink Burn and or Night Burn served just right. The Pink Burn we recommend for training during the day (contains 200mg of caffeine per serving). The Night Burn was developed without caffeine specifically for the evening exercise. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a later beauty sleep.

  • 14 · Training without weights

The training without additional load and only with your body weight is extremely valuable. Strength exercises such as pushups, squats or pull-ups as well as jogging or cycling as endurance training bring lasting success.

Your lifestyle can also influence something

  • 15 · Avoid stress

    Stress slows down your body. The brain produces the hormone cortisol during stress, which animates your body to an increased fat storage in the abdominal area.

  • 16 · Go to the sun

    Go out as often as you can. The light of day lifts your mood. In addition, sunbeams contain a lot of vitamin D.

  • 17 · Sleep well

    During sleep, growth hormones are produced, which are the strongest body fat burners after adrenaline. Your body would respond to sleep deprivation and, among other things, lower the fat metabolism. In addition, you might not be able to perform properly with too little sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep or a light sleep, have yourself ZMA and Time to sleep proven.

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  • 18 · Get ​​some advice

    If you feel you are getting stuck, get professional help from a trainer or doctor.

  • 19 · Beware of miracle medication

    Always be careful with so-called "miracle drugs". Believe the advertising rather not. It's all about business and preying on people's hopes.

  • 20 · Ignore the scale

    Your weight is irrelevant. Only your body measurements are important. Put on a measuring tape. This is your new Libra.

  • 21 · Stick with it

    Even if you have achieved your goals, you should stay on the ball. If you fall back into old habits, you will eventually be back to square one.

  • 22 · Maintain good posture

    In everyday life, get used to walking upright and sitting straight. Even more important is correct posture during training to avoid injury.

  • 23 · Read the nutritional information

    In the future you should no longer buy food that you do not know the nutritional value. You can still research this through a smartphone app.

  • 24 · Concentrate on everything

    Do not focus on one thing. Your diet, your workout and your lifestyle are all equally important.

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