If you are aware of the mechanisms of fat loss you will almost certainly find that the last 5 kilograms of baby fat are by far the most persistent. Admittedly, this is not just a subjective assumption on your part, but actually true. One of the causes is a lower metabolic rate as a result of previous weight loss and permanent calorie restriction. In detail, this means that as part of your diet, your body has to learn to maintain all the essential functions with less energy, which means that calories burn over time to the amount of energy that will be consumed, which stops fat loss. In order to achieve your goals and get rid of the unruly fat deposits, we give you 10 tips in this article that help get you in top shape.

Tip 1 - Include rich proteins in every meal

The use of protein does not only have the advantage that your muscles during a diet are best supplied with building materials, but also ensures that the satiety after eating lasts much longer. In addition, energy production from protein requires significantly more energy than carbohydrates and fats, which burns extra calories.

The All-In-One Shape Shake supports muscle building and was developed by FitnFemale especially for women. With the unique composition of the additives, also supports the metabolism and regeneration.

All-In-One Shape Shake

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The delicious all-in-one shake with a unique recipe.

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Whey Isolate

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The ultimate protein powder - also for lactose intolerant people

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Tip 2 - Get your metabolism on track with HIIT

If your fat loss visibly worsened despite regular cardio training, you should approach the so-called "HIIT" training, which puts on short intense stress and thus your metabolism at full speed both during and between the individual intervals. The Pink Heat Fat burner puts your metabolism at full speed and provides additional energy from the fat deposits. The Pink Heat contains the active ingredients L-carnitine and L-tyrosine, extracts of bitter orange, green tea, gracinia cambogia, cayenne pepper and dried black pepper.

Pink Fire - Fat Burner

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This fat burner brings your metabolism to full speed!

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Tip 3 - Do not forget strength training

While cardio training boosts your metabolism in the short term, strength training permanently increases your metabolic rate through resulting muscle growth. You should supplement your cardio exercise accordingly with strength training to optimize your fat loss. As a secret weapon, we recommend the use of Pink Burn about 20 minutes before training. The 2 in 1 (fat burner + workout booster) improves fat burning & intensifies your workout. (Attention: Very strong! Beginners start better with half the portion - 1 scoop)

Pink Burn (2 In 1 Fatburner & Booster)

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Topseller! 2 in 1 - Effective Fat Burner + Pre-Workout Booster.

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Night Burn (3 in 1 - Fatburner, Workout Booster & Appetite control)

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3 in 1 product - Fatburner, Workout Booster and Appetite Control - Especially for evening workouts without caffeine.

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Tip 4 - Keep an eye on your stress level

Everyday stress in the human brain triggers the release of stress hormones, which make you, according to their evolutionary origin, very powerful. Conversely, after the stress has subsided, these hormones trigger a regeneration mechanism in your body that usually manifests itself in an increased sense of hunger and allows you to eat more than is beneficial to your goal.

Tip 5 - Eat more healthy fats

Fats are not only excellent at filling energy sources, but are needed by your body for numerous physiological processes such as the smooth functioning of the liver. Omega 3 capsules contain high-quality fatty acids (fish oil) and provide your body optimal.

Omega 3 - high dose

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High-dose Omega 3 softgel capsules.

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Tip 6 - Pay attention to the right carbohydrates

Unlike many magazines claim, your body needs carbohydrates to function optimally. However, be careful to focus on complex carbohydrate sources such as whole grains and avoid simple sugars.

Tip 7 - Drink something before every meal

Especially if you have problems with satiety, you should drink a glass of water immediately before each meal to make the satiety feeling faster.

Tip 8 - Reduce the sodium content of your diet

In particular, you should be sparing with sodium and avoid products that contain high levels of sodium as it binds large amounts of water that accumulates in your tissues.

Tip 9 - Sleep well

Since a sleep deficit also leads to the release of stress hormones, even a permanently short sleep time affects your fat loss, which is why you should sleep regularly between 6-8 hours. In addition, larger meals immediately before going to bed significantly reduce sleep quality, so you should avoid this as well.

Keep Calm and Relax contains proven ingredients such as GABA, L-Glutamine, Magnesium, Inositol and L-Theanine to help your body relax, slow down and sleep better.

Time to sleep

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Sound sleep and relaxing drink for a good rest.

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Tip 10 - Don't get discouraged

In particular, if your diet is on the home stretch and weight loss is marginal, there is a risk that you may be unnerved due to lack of progress. Remember, Rome was not built in one day! Analogously, your successes take shape only in smaller steps. Stay on the ball anyway and look forward to the final result.

Our success package is suitable for women who want to achieve fast successes in the field of fat burning / weight loss and do not want to sacrifice quality!

Shape and Burn Set

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Topseller-Paket – Spare Geld und verbrenne Kilos inkl. kostenlosem Einnahmeplan.

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Bikini Express Bundle

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When you need quick results

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Reset your Body

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