The Corona crisis has the world firmly in its grip. In order to protect the elderly and seriously ill people in the population, the corona crisis is leading to ever more measures that further restrict private and public life. Of course, this also has an impact on fitness training.

But we're not going to let a left bazillionaire like the Corona virus ruin our fitness, are we? After all, in the Corona crisis, physical fitness is one of the best weapons for the immune system. Moreover, training offers an excellent alternation between home office work and Netflixen. In the following, we would like to give you some exercises that will help your fitness survive even a complete exit lockout.

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Corona crisis: Which exercises are suitable for the home?

Keeping fit during the corona crisis is in principle not difficult. Of course, the easiest thing to do is to train all hobby athletes who train in their own four walls anyway. Whoever owns a weight bench with dumbbells, nothing changes for him. Of course you can also get some dumbbells and other fitness equipment such as a sling trainer.

After all, online shopping still works in the Corona crisis. For everyone else, however, it is now a question of being inventive and drawing on good old virtues. First and foremost are bodyweight exercises without equipment. But endurance training is also possible without a home trainer, even within your own four walls. In the following we would like to introduce you to the best exercises in the areas of strength and endurance during the Corona crisis.

Strength training without equipment

Strength training is also possible without dumbbells and Co. only with your own body weight. Not for nothing there are whole books about fitness training without equipment.

Exercise 1 · Bankdips on the kitchen chair

Dips are a perfect exercise for the triceps, shoulder and lower chest muscles. And in the Corona crisis, instead of a training bench, a kitchen chair does the trick.

1· Sit down on the kitchen chair and embrace yourself with your hangers on the edge.
2· Stretch out your legs straight and place your heels on the ground.
3· Now lower your buttocks by bending your arms.
4· Lower your bottom almost to the ground until your elbows form a 90-degree angle.
5· From this position, slowly push yourself up again.
Tip: The wider you reach, the more likely you are to exercise your chest. If you keep your elbows close to the back of your body, the load focus is on the triceps.

Exercise 2 · Push-ups

The push-up is also aimed at the shoulders, chest and triceps. Depending on how much experience you have, you can make the exercise easier or harder. If you put your feet up on a chair, the exercise becomes more demanding. If you get down on your knees, it becomes easier.

1· Go to the basic position of the push-up by leaning on the floor with your hands shoulder-wide.
2· The upper body forms a straight line from the heels over the buttocks to the neck.
3· Lower your upper body until your chest almost touches the ground.
4· Then push yourself up again.

Tip: If you also want to stimulate the chest well during the corona crisis, position your arms as far apart as possible. Alternatively, you can accentuate the triceps by keeping the slopes close together. The outstretched index fingers and thumbs form a diamond shape.

Exercise 3 · Squats with additional weight

Simple knee bends are already effective, but even better are knee bends with additional weight. It is best to take a rucksack and fill it with water bottles, for example.

1· Your feet are shoulder-width apart.
2· Now go into the squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
3· Hold the position briefly and then return to the starting position.
4· Be careful not to squeeze your knees.

Exercise 4 · Step-ups

Step-ups are an excellent exercise for the thighs and butt muscles. To make the exercise even more challenging, you can also strap a backpack with extra weight.

1· Grab a beverage crate and turn it over and use a small stool.
2· Now place your right foot on the crate and push up with your right leg.
3· Then slowly return to the starting position.
4· Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Exercise 5 · Rowing with beverage crates

The back also wants to be trained during the corona crisis. This even works without a pull-up bar. All you need is a heavy beverage crate.

1· Stand shoulder width apart and bend your upper body forward at a 45-degree angle.
2· Grip the beverage crate with both hands on the side handles.
3· Now pull the beverage crate in the direction of the navel and tense the abdominal muscles.
4· Then slowly put the beverage crate down again.

Tip: If the exercise is too easy for you, you can also do it one-handed or with one beverage crate in each hand.

Exercise 6 · Superman

The Superman also aims for the back. But unlike rowing, it's aimed at the lower back.

1· Lie flat on the floor on your stomach.
2· Stretch all fours from you and lift your arms and legs off the floor.
3· Hold the voltage for 3-6 seconds and return to the starting position.

Exercise 7 · Biceps curls with filled backpack

Yeah, well, the Corona crisis is a creative force. Take a backpack and fill it with water bottles, sand or the flour packs so popular during the Corona crisis.

1· Grab the backpack by a loop and make sure it is stable.
2· Bend your arm and pull the backpack slowly upwards.
3· Make sure that your upper arm is close to your upper body.

Tip: To further increase the intensity, you can perform the eccentric movement phase emphatically slowly and slowly release the loaded backpack.

Exercise 8 · planks

Of course the abdominal training must not be in the back. The Plank is a true all-purpose weapon with its numerous variations.

1· Move into the starting position of the push-up and support yourself on your forearms.
2· Your legs are stretched long backwards and form a line with your upper body.
3· Hold the position as long as you can and then pause for a set.

Combine the mentioned exercises to a workout and you have a guaranteed crisis-proof whole body training for the corona crisis. Three to four rounds per exercise are completely sufficient.

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Endurance Training

As already mentioned in our article on strengthening the immune system, regular endurance training not only plays a role in fitness, but also in the defence against infections and the like. Accordingly, endurance training must not be neglected during the corona crisis.

But even if you do not have a home trainer, you can keep fit at home with a HIIT workout. You do this by doing some exercises such as Burpees or Jumping Jacks. You perform each exercise at maximum intensity as fast as you can for 60-90 seconds. Then you pause for 20-30 seconds and do either the same exercise or the next one.

You follow this pattern until 15 to 20 minutes have elapsed. That's plenty for a cardio workout. You can also include some exercises like squats, box-jumps or push-ups in the HIIT circle to keep the fat-burning rate constantly high.

And remember: #stayhome & #flattenthecurve

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