The times of super slim women are over. The "Skinny Trend" is no longer in vogue, which is impressively portrayed in many fashion magazines. The modern woman is well trained with a firm butt and nice tight legs. Many gyms have now adapted to this trend and offer special training methods and courses for stomach, legs, butt-training.

In weight training, heavy and efficient leg training does not automatically result in a trained and strong glutes. Many women prefer training with basic squats, deadlifts or the popular lunges to train the entire body and buttock muscles. These exercises mainly train the big muscles like latissimus, thighs or hamstrings, but only incidentally the gluteus muscles which are responsible for a pronounced buttock muscles.

What use are well-trained leg muscles if the buttocks is completely sub-trained and looks accordingly flat? Below we have listed several tips and techniques to help you train your gluteus muscles and develop a pronounced butt.

Train your gluteus muscles on a "butt-day"


Many athletes do not even try to train the buttock muscles separately, but believe that they train with a strong and intense leg training both the leg muscles and the gluteus together. This training method is certainly recommended for beginners in weight training who have not yet experienced specific training methods for each muscle.

Advanced strength athletes should train just single muscles, otherwise the body may appear misshapen. What good are big and strong thighs when the butt looks flat? The solution lies in aggressive training for the gluteus muscles. A must have is a "butt-day", where especially the gluteus muscles are trained. On this day less thighs or hamstrings are trained, but the focus is placed solely on a pronounced training of gluteus maximus with special training methods.

What are the advantages of a "butt-day"? If you train your back, chest, or legs for 5 - 6 days a week, then you can also incorporate a butt-day for the glutes into your exercise program.

The bigger the muscle area, the more demanding the individual workouts should be. Your physical appearance becomes more aesthetic and attractive with a pronounced butt, which is only possible with a butt-day. When you participate in a posing, the look of your gluteus muscles can be critical to your success or failure. You must also pay attention to your diet, because only an intensive training program is not sufficient for muscle building alone.

6 tips and techniques for a distinct and shapely butt

  • 1 · The goal of gluteus training is to stress the individual gluteus muscles, such as the gluteus maximus or gluteus medius, but not an entire lower body workout. During intensive gluteus training, you should feel the flow of blood to the glutes. If you are just trying to train the lower body like the hamstrings or the thighs, then you will not be able to train the big buttocks muscles in a concentrated way, which means that an efficient training method is not possible.
  • 2 · On a butt-day, you should start the training with a few sentences that consist of the exercises of hip thrusts (laying on a bench) or glute bridges (without a bench). Train with quick movements and take a break if you feel a strong contraction in your gluteus muscles. The goal of these exercises is to pump blood into the buttock muscles as much as possible.
  • 3 · Butt-day is not meant to lift the barbell from A to B with normal weightlifting. The most important thing is pumping, which means concentrating on the blood flow in the muscle. You should feel the muscle movement. Pay attention to a correct position under the barbell bar, so that the movement sequence and the technology can be carried out properly. The weight is secondary at the beginning and should be adjusted slowly to the current performance level.
  • 4 · On a training session for the lower body, you should start with a "glute-intensive" exercise, which intensively trains the gluteus muscles. The bodybuilders use this technique to start training, if you want to train specific muscle parts. They always train the muscles they want to build the most.
  • 5 · You'll be surprised how quickly your appearance will positively change as the ratio of gluteus muscle to legs and lower body changes. The blood circulation is improved by the toned buttocks muscles, which can also have a positive effect on the fat burning.
  • 6 · Many now try different apps to control the weight, calorie consumption and/or fat consumption. But to control muscle build-up for the butt, you may want to use aids such as mirrors, photos, or a trainer to help you get a clear picture of how your buttock muscles are visually changing.
po-po exercises

The training program for a "butt-day"

The basics for a butt-day training program should consist of Hip Thrusts and/or Glute Bridge exercises. Train 4 - 8 sets of 6 - 20 reps per exercise. Start with light weights and adjust the training weight gradually to the appropriate training level. Even if you have other workouts integrated into your exercise program, you should always start on a "butt-day" with the aforementioned exercises. Over time, you will find out exactly which exercises strain your gluteus muscles and which do not.

It is always important that you feel intensely the muscle stress with the selected training method. This will bring you the fastest success. If you start your glute training with a light weight, then you can do 10 - 15 reps. The repetition number you reduce when you increase the weight. But you can also train with the standard training of 3 - 4 sets with fixed 8 - 10 repetitions. Set training with light weights and the basics are definitely not a waste of time.

Products for a tight butt

In order to achieve the goal of a firm and shapely butt, a good training program is necessary, which is described above with the most important exercises. In order for you to grow the gluteal muscles optimally, the muscles have to be well supplied.


Enough protein builds the foundation for the muscles. Our recommendation is Whey Protein Isolate, which contains low levels of carbohydrates and fat. Alternatively, the all-in-one shape shake, which also contains interesting ingredients for an improved metabolism. We recommend 1 to a maximum of 2 shakes a day. Possible intake times are in the morning after getting up or after training.

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Training booster with creatine

Doing a hard workout several times a week can be exhausting. The Pink Rush helps you deliver the energy you need. In addition, the Pink Rush contains the "Lean Gain Matrix" with a small portion of creatine. There are several proven studies that creatine is beneficial for muscle growth. Optimal intake is 30 minutes before training. Caution: contains caffeine, not suitable for pregnant women.

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Glutamine shortens the regeneration time after training and prevents muscle breakdown of the already established muscles. Here we recommend the glutamine powder Glutamine Zero. It contains no sugar, almost no calories and has a refreshing lemon flavor. 1 glass (5g powder) in the evening before sleeping or immediately after training.

6 hammer exercises in 60 seconds



Large, strong gluteus muscles are a coveted training target in weight training and fitness, especially for women. Keep in mind that intense leg training does not automatically provide pronounced gluteal muscle. If you have huge thighs but a flat butt, then you should definitely train your gluteus muscles once a week. A "butt-day" will not only train your buttocks muscles, but will also make your overall look look and feel more attractive.