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TRAIN – more effective

Train with performance and taste! Never miss an important nutrient dose again. All-in-one formula with ultra-fine EAAs, electrolytes and essential nutrients.

Our high-quality EAAs in ultra-micronized form, enriched with highly available magnesium, iron, and riboflavin (vitamin B2), will take your workout to a new level.

This innovative workout drink can be easily consumed both during a diet and during a building phase. Enjoy the fruity and refreshing peach iced tea taste during every workout. Every sip a pleasure!

  • Ultra Micronized EAA Formula - Important amino acids for the muscles, which the body can not produce itself.
  • Magnesium(citrate) contributes to electrolyte balance and normal functioning of the nervous system.
  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) - plays an important role in metabolism in our body.
  • Eisen kann dazu beitragen, Müdigkeit zu verringern, den Energiestoffwechsel zu unterstützen und das Immunsystem zu fördern*
  • Suitable for vegetarians, contains no animal amino acids
  • 100ml TRAIN drink contains only 5 calories.

A sufficient supply of protein is the indispensable basis for muscle building. And what are proteins made of? That's right, amino acids, which act as building blocks for proteins. But did you know that some amino acids are significantly more important for your body than others? The so-called essential amino acids (EAA) play a special role among the 20 amino acids.

The amino acids that make up proteins are divided into two groups. On the one hand the essential amino acids (EAA) and on the other hand the non-essential amino acids (NEAA). The big difference between EAA and NEAAs is that your body cannot produce the essential amino acids itself.

The non-essential amino acids, on the other hand, can be synthesized by the body itself with the help of the essential amino acids. With this, you have to make sure to take in enough EAAs through your daily diet. This is the only way to ensure that your body functions optimally and can build muscles in the best possible way.

The essential amino acids (EAA) are particularly important for building lean muscle mass. After all, they are not only important building blocks for the construction of new muscle cells in the build-up phase, but also reduce the loss of too much muscle during your diet.

The 9 essential amino acids

  • L-Histidine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-isoleucine
  • L-lysine
  • L-Methionine
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • L-threonine
  • L-tryptophan
  • L-Valine

EAAs, like BCAAs, are very quickly available to the body and thus quickly reach their destination in the amino acid pool or directly into the muscles. But even apart from that, essential amino acids have it fist thick behind the ears:

EAAs have been proven to inhibit the unwanted breakdown of muscle protein. Thus, you retain more muscle mass even in a hard diet and burn even more energy at the same time through muscle maintenance.

EAAs act on your body like a messenger substance that stimulates the organism to build new muscles in order to better cope with the challenges placed on it. At the same time, EAAs are exactly the building blocks that your body itself needs to build high-quality muscle mass.

A study from Italy shows that essential amino acids have an antioxidant effect and can therefore actively support your immune system and promote regeneration.[1]

In the same study, researchers found that taking essential amino acids can also prevent oxidative damage to cells. Such inflammatory damage always occurs when you subject your body to high stress, for example, during training.

EAAs not only indirectly support your body in improving its performance via muscle building. As a study shows, also reduces the fatigue of the muscles under tension. So you can perform more over a longer period of time and thereby set a greater muscle growth stimulus.[2][3]

EAAs have a decisive advantage over BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids): While BCAAs are only three high-dose EAAs (L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine), high-quality EAA powder contains the entire range of essential amino acids. Accordingly, your body has a wider selection of exactly the EAAs that it currently needs the most.

If you want to meet your body's basic need for essential amino acids, EAAs are a better choice.



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BCAA Instant (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Emulsifier Sunflower Lecithin), Iron Bisglycinate, Color Beta-Carotene (1%ig), L-Lysine HCL, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, Magnesium Citrate, Beetroot Extract, Acidifier Citric Acid, Sweeteners: Acesulfame K and Sucralose, L-Carnitine, L-Tryptophan, Riboflavin.

Nutrition info:

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Areas of application:

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Intake Recommendation:

Dissolve one serving (11g) in 600 ml of cold water 1 time daily and take. Do not exceed recommended daily ration.

Intake times:

1x daily during training

Other features:

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27 servings, 300g

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13 reviews for TRAIN – more effective

  1. Amelia -

    Exactly what I was looking for. And the taste definitely has addictiveness

  2. Peggy -

    For training unfortunately for my taste, much too sweet.

  3. FitnFemale -

    Hello dear Peggy

    Our tip, if the Train is too sweet for you: use more water and preferably ice cold 🙂

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  4. renata.dellasanta -

    Find him very tasty and the ingredients convince me to 100%

  5. Nicole -

    Tastes good, although somewhat artificial. With super cold water but it can be drunk well and gives variety during exercise.... Unfortunately, the powder has mega stuck / clumped with my first pack. Have now times ne ordered and hope it remains powdery...

  6. petra.stehling -

    Tastes great, I hope the effect is as great as the last Bcaa powder! Glg

  7. Rita -

    When the product was added to the range I had to order it immediately - the delivery was super fast and the effect is just great! Especially when you feel a little tired! Can only recommend the product. Find, it is from the taste has been even better than at the beginning.

  8. Erika G. -

    Train is just insanely delicious and also dissolve super well in water. My absolute favorite is Peach Iced Tea 🙂 .

  9. Cora -

    I had quite a low with my workouts. I trained regularly, but somehow nothing changed. When I then each time additionally drank your train during the same time, slowly progress was made again. Now, after 3 weeks with your product, I see that something has really changed again. So when you have a slump, your TRAIN really helps! 💪🏼🍑

  10. Lucia -

    The taste has improved a lot, now really tastes like peach ice tea! Have you changed anything in the taste?

  11. FitnFemale -

    Dear Lucia

    Thank you for your feedback and your question. That's right, after the first version we really improved the taste again. We're glad to hear that you like the taste now.

    Love greetings
    Your FitnFemale Team

  12. Rebecca Wußler -

    Found it actually quite good. Unfortunately, I could not do sports for 8 weeks due to an injury. Now I wanted to use it again and lo and behold, is only a large lump and no longer use. Also smells totally weird. And that, although it was stored all the time dry and dark. Speaks for me not exactly for high quality. Too bad.

  13. FitnFemale -

    Dear Rebecca

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I see that you ordered your TRAIN in August 2020. In the meantime, we have optimized the recipe. The lumpiness was due to the L-carnitine. Now we use encapsulated L-Carnitine and were able to fix the problem. Feel free to contact our support team and we can find a solution together.

    Love greetings
    Your team from FitnFemale

  14. Alex -

    I have ordered on 10.07.2020 Train and stored in a cool and dry place. Since I have now started again with strength training and I want to support this a little, I tried today to take what of it. It is still durable, however, it is a large lump and smells strange. Too bad for the price

  15. FitnFemale -

    Hi Alex

    We are sorry about that. In the meantime, the recipe has been optimized so that this can no longer happen. Feel free to contact our support to get a free voucher for a new can.

    Your team from FitnFemale

  16. Nadine -

    When will the product come back in?

  17. FitnFemale -

    Dear Nadine

    The product is newly manufactured in recyclable bag - we expect it back in 5-6 weeks.

    Your team from FitnFemale

  18. Alexa Danelski -

    Can TRAIN be taken at the same time as WOMENS Magic MIX and PROFORMANCE?

  19. FitnFemale -

    Hello dear Alexa

    Yes, it is possible.

    Love greetings,
    your team from FitnFemale

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The products are just insane! Am amazingly satisfied with all. Taste and nutritional value are mega and success can be seen even after a week. I am super satisfied.


Am excited about your great selection and look forward to trying the products.


Very good processing and fast delivery ? The products are super tasty. I am thrilled.


Dear FitnFemale team, I was very pleased with your delivery and the great products. I was also very happy about the small unannounced surprise in the package. Thank you very much.


Taste of the isolates are not artificial. Great company and super fast delivery Top!!!Order again and again with pleasure!


I think the store is great. The homepage is also great. Everything is explained well and understandably. That's why I also ordered the training and nutrition plan.


Great support, unique products - I am a huge fan 👍


Fast processing, fast shipping and the products are also top!


Super fast delivery would be.The goods correspond to the description. Very good stuff with it. Many thanks


The delivery is super fast. The next day the package is there. Your products are great and until now I am fully satisfied.


Very fast delivery and always trouble free!


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