9 mental strategies to improve your workout

Bodybuilding is one of the sports that challenges us the most as individuals and poses the most problems for us. With all its complexity, it is not surprising that most of us look for external solutions to problems. Hardly anyone can deny this fact.

But have you ever thought that the true key to success is not somewhere out there, but is already hidden within yourself? All you need is the most powerful computer humanity has ever produced, not the one on your desk, but between your ears.

Your brain, or more precisely your mind, is the most powerful weapon you have in the fight for an ideal workout. Use this extraordinary power and make the seemingly impossible possible. Let your mind go in the right direction and you'll see that your body will follow. With the following 9 mental strategies, you'll also program yourself for 100 percent success. So let's go’s!

1 · Visualize your goals

The best way to never lose sight of your goal is visualization. Every night before you go to bed, you should take time to consciously think about what you really want to achieve, whether it's a certain look, a certain amount of body fat, or a certain amount of strength. Form a strong picture in front of your inner eye and then imagine your next workout that you want to work on your goal.

From the first warm up to the cool down, see the gym in front of you, listen to the music, feel the sweat dripping down on you and imagine how you perform each repetition with the highest precision. Once this image is anchored in your subconscious, you'll find that you'll be fitter and more motivated with every workout.

2 · Be positive

A negative attitude is poison to your progress, so learn to approach each workout with an enthusiastic and positive attitude. Imagine the evening before that you will be doing a more productive workout the next day than you did the day before. Talk to yourself that the weights will feel lighter every day and each exercise will become a bit easier.

And even if it doesn't get easy, it's no reason to fall back into the negative spiral of thought. Learn to love pain, pump and numbness in the muscles. (Except, of course, that the pain is the result of an injury.) The most effective way to stay positive in the face of muscle pain and numbness is a simple smile. You don't believe us? Then just try it out and at the end of a heavy sentence, start grinning broadly to grin once in a while.

3 · Be aggressive

Strength training isn't just about lifting weights. It's about attacking weights. It's about treating dumbbells and equipment as your enemies that you want to powerfully control. Treat each repetition exactly as if it were the last one. Design your workout as if your life depended on each repetition. Try to maintain this level of aggressiveness throughout the entire training session. Music can be the key here. But beware: training in the gym can also be key.

4 · Focus on yourself

The problem with most hobby athletes is that they don't concentrate enough during training, so focus on what you're doing during each sentence. Don't give up this focus even after a sentence is over. Instead of chatting or checking the messages on your smartphone, you need to focus on what comes next – the next sentence. Think about the part of the body you want to train next.

Focus your mental laser focus on the target musculature and promote your „Muscle-Mind-Connection“ before the following sentence. If you are training with a training partner, it is especially important to make the right choice. For optimal results, you need a training partner who burns just as hard for training as you do. If you can't find such a partner, solo training is the better option. Remember: The time you spend in the G is the time you need in the G.

5 · Stop sulking.

It may well happen that the first few sentences of your workout don't work out the way you want them to, but don't make those first sentences the symbol of your entire workout. Sulking is never a good solution. If an attempt to break your bench press record fails, then don't whine, collect, leave the negative thoughts behind and look ahead.

The gym is not a place where you run around with your head hanging down and sink into self-pity. The gym is a sanctuary, your territory, your temple. In the gym you are the boss of your body and your workouts. And remember: The gym is one of the few places where it is good to fail at a certain point. To fail, of course, only to make a fresh start.

6 · Don't get complacent.

It's fine to pat yourself on the shoulder after a productive workout, but don't let that mental grin hang too long on your face. Focus your visor on the next set, the next workout, and your next goals. Think about what limits you want to cross next as a bodybuilder.

Self-satisfaction is the biggest enemy of any bodybuilder. Your body is a very adaptable machine, so you have to keep pushing yourself to reach the next level. If you stop, you lose! Don't stop being hungry, keep setting yourself new goals.

7 · Harden yourself

Don't be afraid of pain, enjoy it. When it gets hard, it becomes decisive – when it gets decisive, it becomes hard. That's the credo of bodybuilding. There's no way around it. Pain is part of it. (Again, injuries and threatening injuries are of course excluded.) Just because it hurts, you're far from at the end of your sentence – it's only the beginning. From now on, see the pain as a signal that you're getting „ as a signal that you're getting „.

8 · Develop a passion

Without passion nothing works, especially in bodybuilding. You have to carry a passion in yourself for what you do. If you invest passion in your workout, in your nutrition strategy and in the sensible use of dietary supplements, you massively increase your chances of success, regardless of whether you want to be more defined, gain mass or make a certain maximum attempt.

9 · Don't stop dreaming

The imagination of the mind is your most important weapon. Only those who dream and set great goals can achieve them. Don't set limits for yourself and don't let anyone else tell you that you can't achieve anything. Your body is limited only by the limits of your mind. It used to be unimaginable that someone could do 400 kilograms of bench press. Then someone came, believed in it, tried it and did it.

Those who are afraid of dreaming let their limits be dictated by their limited minds. Dreamers, on the other hand, see beyond the horizon what could be and usually find a way to do it. So, let „Dream big“ be your motto, raise the bar a few steps and then chase your dream with all the energy you have.


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