The good old endurance race is not the best for everyone to burn the most calories. If you are one of those people who would rather chop off your hand instead of jogging, listen carefully. Burning calories is also different, running is not the most efficient way to burn calories. On average, a human burns 10 calories per minute. Here are 10 activities that are more efficient when it comes to fat loss :

  • 1. Kettlebell turns

    With this exercise you will not only burn your calories efficiently, but also helps you to a slim and tighten your figure. In principle, it is an ideal way to train the buttock and thigh muscles during a full-body workout. The kettlebell turns help you to take huge steps forward. Studies have confirmed the results of immense calorie consumption. In a 20-minute program, the subjects could burn 20.2 calories per minute and come to a value of 404. In an hour you could reach to 1212 calories. If you want to achieve the same success with jogging, you have to maintain a speed of 16 km/h for 20 minutes. The afterburning effect produced by the turns with the ball dumbbell has not yet been considered. The recommended initial weights for the kettlebell are 8 kg for women and 12 to 16 kg for men.

  • 2. Burpees

    Burpees are great for getting rid of excess fat. According to a US study, a man weighing 90 kg could Burn almost 1.5 calories per burpee, This number will continue to increase the more burpees you can pull through in a short time. Try it for a start with ten repetitions in a minute. If you could continue doing burpees for an hour, you would be able to get rid of about 900 calories in the numbers mentioned.

  • 3. Jump rope

    Jumping rope increases your heart rate and improves your balance and coordination. During a moderately intense jump rope passage you can burn up to 13 calories per minute. The faster you jump, the higher the value that can ultimately reach similar heights as in the burpees and kettlebell turns. You will probably need something until you master rope jumping. Begin with two-legged jumps, so you can concentrate on increasing the hopping frequencies. If you have the turn with both legs out, you can then put the feet alternately on the ground. This requires an increased ability to coordinate and will throw you back to the beginning. In the end, it will be worth the effort and you will have fun with it. How about a power fight with kettlebell turns, burpees and jump rope? How you divide the times of the respective disciplines is up to you. The main thing is to ensure transitions are as short as possible.

  • 4. Battle Ropes

    This training method seems to be a key to a fitter overall condition. If you throw waves with the bells, you can burn 10.5 calories per minute. Unfortunately, not every studio has ropes available, but you can get them privately as well. However you do it, Throwing is an ideal complement to most endurance disciplines as you challenge your upper body with the Battle Ropes.

  • 5. Mountaineers with a heavy backpack or weight vest

    Hiking becomes particularly stressful when going uphill. If you have a heavy backpack with you, you will be able to tell the difference afterwards. You can do well at a normal pace per hour this way burn 415 calories, and this exercise is very cost effective. All you need is a strong backpack and a few rocks and hills.

  • 6. Dancing

    Dancing is sociable, fun and at the same time burns fat. You can burn up to 443 calories per hour. However, the "two step" is not enough. You have to get into a sweat, as is the case with the tournament dance.

  • 7. Climbing

    Climbing is fun and is a challenging workout that stimulates your adrenalin production and greatly improves your overall fitness. You can burn up to 443 calories per hour. burn up to 455 calories per hour.

  • 8. Inline skating

    Although it looks so easy, in-line skating is a really intense workout where you can burn a large number of calories. You can almost look at it as a replacement for jogging. Be sure to get the right equipment and only use them for their specific purpose. Large parking lots outside of business hours and paved hiking or biking trails are great workout locations.

  • 9. Rowing

    When rowing you burn an incredible amount of fat. Within a single hour you can burn up to 682 calories. Rowing is certainly one of the most intense and effective methods that you should definitely include in your training routines, especially as it involves your upper body. When rowing, pay attention to the right technique. Otherwise, you can cause yourself massive back injuries. This is especially true when you start stamina training in phases, in which the condition subsides and the ability to concentrate decreases accordingly. During the whole time you work mainly with the legs and the arms. Only in the first phase of the approach, the latissimus, the upper back and neck and shoulders are used. When the arms are at the front and the knees are almost (!) outstretched, you make a corresponding round back. When you pull the oars to the chest, you straighten your upper body and straighten your back. Your back should be at a 90-degree angle to the ground by the end of a rowing motion.

  • 10. Boxing

    Boxing does not just make you feel strong. It also makes you super fit. During an average box unit you can burn over 727 caloriesper hour. It's not about the fight itself, but about the strenuous movements that occur in boxing.

What else is there to burn calories?

There are a few other ways to burn more or a similar amount compared to the endurance run. With intensive cycling you can burn 700 calories per hour. The same applies to surfing. Another option is completely underrated and fondly known as "old-fashioned"... is Nordic Walking. At a high speed with intensive pole work you can get rid of about 650 calories per hour.

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What should you pay attention to?

The calorie burn values ​​mentioned here are average numbers. The higher your weight, the more calories you burn during a physical activity. This is a simple physical equation, since the energy expenditure for your body increases in line with body weight. So it may be that a 100kg man can sometimes burn over 1000 calories in one hour. The cause of the mass (fat, water retention or muscle) does not matter. The situation is different with the active process of fat burning. Decisive for the amount of consumption are your muscles. If you increase the muscle mass in the stressed areas, not only does your basal metabolic rate increase. Your performance in fat burning will be noticeably stronger. This is one of the main reasons why men consume more calories than women, even though they both do the same.

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