Due to many requests for an individual nutrition plan, we have developed an eating plan tailored specifically to suit you.

The goals of the plan are primarily to reduce fat without starving or losing muscle. On the contrary: with the protein-containing meals you will be able to build muscle with a good workout.

The nutritional plan is divided into 3 parts

  • General information
  • Your personal nutrition overview
  • Meals / menu card

How does the nutrition plan work?
The plan is structured with 3 basic meals. You can choose between 6 breakfast options, 8 lunches and 8 dinners, whatever you preference. In addition, you have 14 snacks that you can incorporate as needed into your diet. All meals and snacks are shown with photo and nutritional table.

There are Low Cal, High Cal and Cheat Days!
From week to week you can choose how often you want to exercise. However, you should do something sporty 3-5 times per week so that you can achieve the best possible results. Depending on how many training sessions you choose, you have different levels of high cal or cheat days. So you are flexible from week to week and can choose your favourite! The more you train, the more energy your body needs, and the more you can treat yourself to a cheat day.

Do I have to go hungry with this plan?
On the contrary. A majority of people even have to eat more. This is especially true at breakfast!

Composition of the meals

  • breakfast - The first meal of the day contains many healthy carbohydrates, which give you energy for the day.
  • lunch - A balanced meal with vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.
  • dinner - Low carb, high protein and little to no carbohydrates.
  • snacks - There are 14 small to large snacks, which you can include whenever you like! For example, before or after workouts. But by 10:00 pm, you should have had your last snack.

Is the plan also suitable for vegetarians?
Not currently. There is only one version for fish and meat eaters.

I'm interested, how do I get my nutrition plan?
The tuned and optimized eating plan is currently discounted 10% in our online shop.

Your Nutrition Plan

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Individual nutrition plan compiled by FitnFemale. Do not count on stubborn calories, a plan that suits you and your everyday life. 

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After the purchase, it will take 24-48 hours for you to receive the nutritional plan by email.