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Pink Burn (2 In 1 Fatburner & Booster)

The PINK BURN makes it tingling in you and also provides with selected ingredients for a better metabolism.

All-In-One Shape Shake

Delicious protein shake which additionally supports the metabolism.

Green Coffee

Natural fat burner for a better metabolism.

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Shape Express Plan

Nutrition & Exercise section with a personal calorie plan tailored to you. Many tips and a sophisticated system, which you can implement well in everyday life.

Omega 3

High-dose Omega 3 softgel capsules.

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L-Carnitine + Greentea

2 essential ingredients for weight loss.

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Mini Shaker Premium

Mini Premium Shaker mit Extra-Pulverfach

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Shape Express Bundle

£ 159.00 £ 126.50 VAT included

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