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A super mix for a good gut feeling.

Ein leckerer, natürlicher Drink, vollgepackt mit hochwertigen Inhaltsstoffen.

Valuable and highly dosed intestinal bacteria, combined with fiber from psyllium husk and chicory inulin, vitamin C, natural flavor from real strawberry juice fruit powder and lightly sweetened with stevia. A product that can help support the well-being in the digestive system.

  • Contains 10 billion probiotic cultures per day for a strong gut flora
  • With natural strawberry juice fruit powder for a delicious taste
  • Rich in Vitamin C for optimal nutrient supply
  • 100% vegan and lightly sweetened with stevia
  • Contains fibers from psyllium husk and chicory inulin for better digestion

For the best effect, we recommend an activation time of 10 minutes. Try our innovative Supermix drink now for a better gut feeling.

Darmbakterien Womensbiotics

Whether we can maintain our body weight or gain weight is also decided in our intestines: microorganisms live here that fundamentally influence the number of calories we absorb from food and/or are converted into fat deposits.

Whether we are fat or thin is not only decided by what we eat and how much. Almost as decisive is what happens later inside our body with the ingested food and drink. Trillions of microbes in our intestines support the intestine to a large extent how the food is digested.

  • Biotics Supermix sollte immer losgelöst vom Essen eingenommen werden, vorzugsweise morgens, nach dem Aufstehen, auf nüchternem Magen.
  • After taking it, you should wait at least 30 minutes until the next meal.
  • An alternative intake window to the morning is the intake before sleeping. Here it should be noted that the last meal should already be 2 - 3 hours ago.
  • Observe the activation time of 10 minutes (see above for details).
Supermix Cals

Dass sich Flohsamenschalen so großer Beliebtheit erfreuen, ist kein Wunder. Aber was steckt eigentlich dahinter? Genau genommen handelt es sich dabei um die Samenschalen der sogenannten Plantago ovata. Die Wegerich-Art ist unter anderem mit dem hierzulande bekannten Spitzwegerich sowie dem Strandwegerich verwandt.

Originally, Plantago ovata comes from India and Pakistan, which is why the seeds are often sold as "Indian psyllium". The psyllium seeds or their husks get their name from the two-fan cover capsule with its elliptical seeds, which visually resemble fleas.

Psyllium husks have the property of swelling strongly on contact with water. In this process, the outer layer of long-chain sugar molecules binds a lot of water, causing the hulls to multiply their volume. In contrast to whole psyllium seeds, whose volume increases ninefold on contact with liquid, the swelling index of the hulls is 40.

In addition, the fiber content of psyllium husks is significantly higher than that of psyllium seeds. At the same time, a kind of mucilage is formed when the husks swell. The latter forms a protective layer on the mucous membranes of the intestinal wall and can thus prevent irritation, among other things.

Due to the combination of swelling capacity, fiber content and mucus formation, psyllium husks can support the general well-being of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, the fiber they contain serves as food for the bacteria in the intestines, which can contribute to maintaining the health of the intestinal flora.

In addition, the secreted mucus not only prevents mucosal irritation, but is also said to help bind harmful substances. Moreover, the use of psyllium husks in intestinal complaints such as diarrhea can help to firm the stool. In turn, psyllium husks are also very popular for constipation. Here, the swelling increases the volume of the stool and can thus help to promote the natural movement of the bowels.

Since the psyllium seeds swell up strongly, you need to drink a lot of liquid throughout the day. It should be two to three liters so that the seeds can develop their effect.

Note: In case of chronic diseases, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking psyllium to clarify possible interactions with medications.

It is advisable to let the mixed drink rest for 10 minutes before taking it. Thus, the contained intestinal bacteria can develop optimally.

intestinal bacteria

Many people still associate bacteria with something negative and believe that all bacteria, without exception, are harmful. If these very people knew that an average person consists of a collection of about 1.5 kilograms of bacteria, their stomachs would probably turn. These bacteria, which come from a total of 400-500 species, are anything but harmful to us.

A large proportion of these bacteria live in our intestines and are indispensable for our lives. Also known as intestinal flora, they perform numerous important tasks, such as breaking down food components. Without our intestinal flora, we would only be able to absorb a fraction of nutrients. In addition, the "good" bacteria keep potentially harmful bacteria from multiplying uncontrollably in the intestine.

For this reason, it is important that we always keep our intestinal flora in balance. This also makes the restoration of a damaged intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment all the more important. After all, the corresponding agents hardly make an exception between "beneficial" and "harmful" bacteria. But before we tell you what you should do, you must first recognize the symptoms of a disturbed intestinal flora.

You can find more information about this topic in the article Gut Health - The Best Strategies for a Healthy Gut

Biotics Supermix can be combined or taken very well with all products of FitnFemale. Boosters and fat burners should be taken with a delay of about 4-5 hours. For a good body feeling we recommend additionally the intake of OMEGA 3, WOMEN'S MAGIC MIX (All-in-one Drink für Haut, Haare, Nägel, Shaping & Appetitkontrolle!)


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Chicory inulin (Cichorium intybus), colorant - betaine, psyllium husk (Plantago ovata), concentrated strawberry juice powder, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis, acidity regulator - citric acid, sweetener - steviol glycosides, flavors, L-ascorbic acid.

Material description:

Food supplement with probiotics, psyllium husk and strawberry juice fruit powder

Intake Recommendation:

Dissolve one portion (6g) in 200 ml of cold water 2 times a day, allow to steep for 10 minutes, then stir again and take.

Possible intake:
1st serving - After getting up: After taking, you should wait at least 30 minutes until the next meal.
2nd portion - Before sleep: Here it should be noted that the last meal should be already 2 hours ago.




Strawberry Lemon

Areas of application:

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Product type:





Nutrition info:

Intake times:

Evening, morning

12 reviews for Biotics Supermix

  1. Michèle Mayor -

    Received today & tested. I like very much. The taste is very natural and strawberry. You feel and notice the strawberry powder right and the psyllium husks in it are also great

  2. Amira S. -

    Biotics Supermix was recommended to me by a friend. After 2 weeks of taking it, I can really stand behind the product as well. My digestion has become much better.

  3. tony -

    I find the new natural probiotics powder super. I have been taking it for a few days now and I notice that my digestion is working better again. LG

  4. westcitygirl80 -

    Super thing, find especially the composition probiotics + psyllium husks interesting. From psyllium I have already read a lot of good. Glad to test the product!

  5. Lisa -

    Super fast delivery, thank you. Product I'll test right away, but already looks great 🙂

  6. Melanie -

    Brilliant taste with the natural strawberry powder.

  7. Mel -

    Finally a propiotic cure with natural fiber and also tastes totally delicious. Great ingredients, I am thrilled.

  8. aurora.biting -

    I like very much

  9. Mona Sankhla -

    I drink it every single day, tastes very good and not too artificial. I just love all your products!

  10. Roberta -

    Posso prendere solo alla sera perché al mattino prendo il magnesio

  11. [email protected] -

    Ciao Roberta

    Grazie per il tuo messaggio. Noi ti raccomandiamo di prenderlo due volte al giorno. Il magnesio e Biotics Supermix possono essere combinati insieme.


    Possibile ingestione:
    1) Prima porzione di Biotics Supermix: Dopo essersi svegliata => dopo l'ingestione, si dovrebbero aspettare almeno 30 minuti prima del prossimo pasto.
    2) Magnesio: Puoi prenderlo in qualsiasi momento della giornata, indipendentemente dai pasti. Sciogliere una porzione (5 g) in 250 ml di acqua fredda 1 volta al giorno.
    3) Seconda porzione di Biotics Supermix: Prima di andare a dormire => devono essere passate almeno 2 ore dall'ultimo pasto.

    Cari saluti,

  12. Astrid Engeler -

    The best drink ever. Since I take it every morning, I no longer have problems with digestion.
    Please never remove from the range.

  13. Zarina Berger -

    Fast delivery super natural taste of strawberries.

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