These 10 things you should do when you go to a gym for the first time


Everyone starts small. You've probably heard this saying a time or two. Therefore, it is obvious that this principle also applies to the entry into fitness sports and especially to the start of training in a gym. So that you are not immediately deterred when jumping into the deep end, we would like to give you 10 things in the following article, which you should consider in any case, when you enter a studio for the first time.

1 - Take a friend with training experience with you.

When you visit a gym for the first time, you're usually confronted with a lot of new impressions that can overwhelm you and possibly lead you to make decisions that don't necessarily seem wise in retrospect. Having an experienced friend will pay off, if only because he or she can prevent you from getting a completely overpriced all-inclusive package from a windy service employee. In addition, you won't be treated like a complete stranger by the trainers and other members, as long as you are accompanied by an experienced and well-known gym member.

2 - Take advantage of free training hours

After signing a membership contract, many gyms give you the opportunity to take one or more free training sessions. Be sure to take advantage of this offer, because these lessons are usually very instructive for beginners and make it much easier to find your way around the fitness community. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you will get a generous tour of the premises.

3 - Don't go to the gym at peak times

Especially if you are new to sports and don't really know the workout routines yet, you should avoid going to the gym during peak hours, otherwise you will hardly be able to train properly due to the crowds. So, if possible, don't go to the gym between 5 and 9 p.m., but postpone your workout to the morning or late evening.

4 - Always take a towel with you

There is hardly any place where bacterial cultures can spread better than in a gym. This is not only due to the fact that a wide variety of people are present there, sometimes carrying a cold with them, but also because each individual exerciser secretes a considerable amount of sweat during training. To ensure a higher level of hygiene, at least with regard to the latter aspect, you should definitely take a towel with you and place it on each piece of equipment before using it. After you're done, you should also use your towel to clean off any sweat residue on the equipment you're using if you've been sweating profusely.

5 - Do not forget your padlock

Even though most gyms have electronic locking systems these days, there are still plenty of gyms whose lockers are still conventionally padlocked. Usually, the gym does not provide its own locks, so it is essential that you bring your own lock unless you plan to lug your gym bag from machine to machine.

6 - Leave your smartphone in the locker

One thing that belongs in any case not on the training bench, but in the locker, is the smartphone. This golden rule, which has become increasingly important in recent years, is of paramount importance, as it is obvious that the vibration of the device will almost certainly distract you from your workout and thus reduce the efficiency of the workout. In addition, the risk of losing your expensive smartphone is also reduced.

7 - Never train without a training plan

It's an open secret that most of the workout plans on display in various gyms across this nation are relatively ineffective. Years ago, one gym chain finally drew attention with a 6-workout split with no legs. So unless you have an experienced workout buddy, and you're willing to put up with a pre-made plan, don't enter the gym without a workout plan you've made up. Look around on the Internet or ask an experienced athlete for advice on creating a training plan so that it really meets your needs.

8 - Be friendly to other studio members

If you are already in the studio at peak times, you should always make sure that you behave in a friendly and courteous manner towards other studio members. This applies not only to trivial things like the obligatory greeting at the entrance, but especially to sharing equipment. So if someone asks you how long you need on a certain piece of equipment, you should invite him to use that equipment alternately. If he declines, you have at least done your part.

9 - Join a spinning class

If you have little experience with sports in general, a spinning class or another course is the best option for you. In this context, the trainer guides you through different load levels so that you can experience your performance under guidance. In addition, taking part in a course is also an excellent way to make your first social contacts with other members.

10 - Dress sensibly

Once you become a member of a fitness club, you don't have to follow a strict dress code, of course. However, it is important that you wear sportswear that is really suitable for your needs. The optimal sportswear will allow you to perform the full range of motion during each exercise, so that you get the maximum benefit from the workout. Ideally, you should also use functional fabrics that ensure good ventilation of your body and specifically wick away sweat.