Ghee - a true all-rounder

Ghee - ein echtes Allround-Talent 1

It was not too long ago, as fat was referred to in this country as the figure and health killer par excellence. It's a good thing that word has gotten around that the opposite is the case, especially since the right fats for our organism are essential for survival. The Indians go a step further, because already over 2,000 years ago, healthy fats were not only used as food, but also knew about their healing properties. Such a "miracle cure" is that known from Ayurveda "ghee". But what does that mean? What advantages does Ghee have? And how is Ghee used?

What is Ghee actually?

Exotic products sell particularly well in the fitness and health area particularly well, because they always inheres the certain magic of a miracle cure. Even with Ghee, this is not really different, since the special fat has been used in Asian medicine since ancient times and because of the healing effect attributed to it, it is also known as the "golden elixir".

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Ghee is nothing so special. The bottom line is that it's just clarified butter or clarified butter. From a purely technical point of view, ghee is nothing more than almost 100 percent pure fat (in fact about 99.5 percent), which is free of lactose and milk protein. This is also different from the butter, which we also like to use in our kitchen.

Where is the big difference between ghee and butter?

At the macronutrient level, ghee is distinguished from butter primarily by the lack of carbohydrates and proteins and by the fact that it is almost pure fat. With regard to the composition of the fat, butter and ghee are alike.

As might be expected, both are primarily composed of saturated fatty acids, which in modest amounts, contrary to popular belief, are also healthy and needed by our body. In addition, both butter and ghee contain significant amounts of vitamins A, E and K as well as important minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sodium. So it seems Ghee is not that special, right?

4 reasons why Ghee is ahead of butter

Well, even if the nutrient-related differences are smaller than initially thought, there are some benefits to ghee in practice. The absence of milk protein and lactose makes Ghee an obviously more tolerable alternative for people with lactose intolerance. This is also important due to the fact that butter is significantly healthier than the margarine, which until a few years ago was still considered "especially healthy". Here it depends only on the dose.
The fact that ghee has played an important role in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia, not least because ghee does not form free radicals in the cells of your body. These attack the cells, weaken the immune system and, in addition to aging, can even promote illnesses. No wonder Ghee has a long tradition in India as an anti-aging product.

Even those who like to fry vegetables, fish and meat in an especially aromatic way should rather resort to ghee or clarified butter than to classic butter. In contrast to butter, ghee can be heated up to 205 degrees Celsius, while the smoke point is already 175 degrees Celsius. So you not only avoid potentially harmful trans fatty acids, but also reduce the likelihood of burn injuries by splattering grease, especially since in Ghee hardly any water is contained, which could evaporate.

But this is not enough, because even in the ancient writings Ghee are said to have some tangible health benefits. Thus, Ghee not only helps keep the skin young "from the inside and out" but also has a positive effect on overall cell regeneration. There are also features such as the stimulation of appetite, the activation of the metabolism, the alleviation of digestive problems, improved wound healing, an anti-inflammatory effect and not least the property to improve memory. A real superfood.

From a health point of view, can Ghee live up to its promises?

First of all, we should realize that ghee is not a panacea, but basically just a food that has been used by us for millennia. Since it is pure fat, and of course a true calorie bomb, we should keep it with the consumption of Ghee as well with Paracelsus as with almost any other food or dietary supplement: "The dose makes the poison!"

Enjoyed in moderation, Ghee can actually develop its positive effects. If you are looking for leading Ayurvedic experts, one teaspoon of ghee per day is enough for an average person to benefit from the positive effects. And we want to devote ourselves to these effects in detail. Because, you do not even have to believe in the admittedly somewhat reminiscent of hocus-pocus Ayurveda concept to benefit from ghee or clarified butter.

The 6 most important effects of Ghee

1. Ghee helps with detoxification
Ghee has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times for detoxification purposes by being mixed with special tinctures and drinks for internal use. However, to benefit from the detoxifying effect, you do not necessarily have to adhere to the exotic rituals. Here it is sufficient if you regularly consume a little butter lard. In this way, both fat-soluble waste products and toxins can be excreted from the body.

2. Ghee has a rejuvenating effect
As already mentioned, free radicals have a negative impact on the cells by damaging them and allowing them to age faster. But since free radicals are contained in many foods, it needs a counter-pole, which counteracts their effect. With its strong antioxidant effect, Ghee is ideal here.

3. Ghee can fuel the metabolism
You feel tired and tired? In that case, the cause may be a sluggish bowel, as it also causes your metabolism to work much more slowly. It's great that the antioxidants contained in clarified butter and the fatty acids they contain can get your intestines and your metabolism up and running. Especially for athletes that is enormously important, because how else should your body implement the nutrients supplied efficiently?

4. Ghee makes you more powerful
Ghee not only makes your gut and metabolism more efficient, it also has a measurable impact on the performance of your gray cells when used regularly. Strictly speaking, Ghee can increase the ability to concentrate, which of course has a positive effect in numerous areas of life.

5. Ghee inhibits inflammation
What the ancient Indians knew more than 3,000 years ago is now also confirmed by some scientific studies: Ghee or clarified butter has an anti-inflammatory effect. And that applies to both the external and the internal application. While external application to the skin may, for example, assist the treatment of skin diseases such as couperose, the anti-inflammatory effect on internal use is particularly noticeable in the gastrointestinal tract.

6. Ghee calms the organism
It's interesting that Ghee's ingredients not only stimulate the body, they also have a calming effect in the right places. Indeed, some studies suggest that fatty acids contained in clarified butter can increase stress resistance. In the future, this will probably no longer "wait and drink tea", but "wait and take ghee".

Make Ghee yourself with little effort
Anyone familiar with the supermarket knows that a 500-gram jar of clarified butter is anything but a bargain. It is much cheaper if you make your own butterfelt. And for that you need, who would have thought that, just some butter.

  1. Pick up the butter and melt it in a saucepan. But make sure that you only use the small flame on the stove, so that the butter can melt slowly and gently.
  2. Then wait until the butter clears, that is, until the water evaporates, and the milk protein settles at the bottom of the pot. Important: do not stir!
  3. After about 30 minutes, the protein has completely settled on the ground and the finished clarified butter floats on top as a golden yellow liquid.
  4. Now pour the liquid lard through a cotton towel into a mason jar.
  5. Then the finished ghee is stable for several months, so you can use it for cooking, baking and frying. To prevent mold from condensation, you should not store your finished butter in the refrigerator.

So you can incorporate Ghee in your everyday life

You can then use your Ghee brand self-made in a variety of ways. Especially due to the high heat resistance, it is suitable in the kitchen as an excellent butter substitute for searing meat, fish and vegetables. At this point, the lard also unfolds its enormous effect as a flavor carrier, which gives your dishes a special whistle. Accordingly, it is also suitable wherever your grandmother works with the obligatory "stitch of butter". For example, to make a risotto especially creamy.

Alternatively, you can use ghee as a margarine substitute for baking or heat it in a pot with Mediterranean spices and make a kind of spice butter. You see, your creativity has no limits.


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