Of the many physical goals in the wide world of fitness, achieving a six-pack is one of the toughest. A defined, chiseled-looking belly does not come out of nowhere. To achieve this, you need a rock-solid plan.

Tip 1 · Feed yourself smart

Diet is the most important piece in the "how do I get a six-pack puzzle". Even if you train your abs to make them more pronounced stronger, they will not be visible if your body fat percentage is not low enough. If you want a tighter tummy, you need to pay special attention to the foods you supply to your body. Your body needs a certain amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Watch that closely.

Try, for example, Carb-Cyclingto shed excess fat. Certain bodies react better and burn fat more easily if you include high-carbohydrate phases in your diet. Every person reacts differently to a specific diet. Even though it works for some, you need to find out for yourself if it suits you before you integrate it into your nutritional daily routine. Also, you should not eat processed foods. Food is something natural in our opinion. Whole foods provide you with the necessary fuel for your workout and keep you full longer.

Except for Protein Shakes for the post-workout meal, you should throw everything that comes in bags or boxes into the bin. Only eat foods that have grown on a farm or in the wild in the sun. For shakes we recommend our Shape Shake, this contains additional metabolism-stimulating ingredients such as Piperine and L-carnitine.

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Tip 2 · Do mainly holistic exercises

Do not exercise your abs too much. Instead, prefer to use them as part of squats, deadlifts, or pull exercises. Dedicated abdominal training is not mandatory if you choose exercises that train your body holistically. The stomach is then always intense. Very good for it is also the push-up suitable.

Remember: If your abdominal muscles are not stressed to the fullest in your workout, you are doing something wrong. Such basic exercises require a lot of stability in the middle of the body. For your abs, it's the purest killer of a workout without you realizing it. This does not mean that you can achieve results without crunches, sit-ups, etc. completely. Continue with them but your main focus should be on the holistic exercises which, thanks to their great movements, stimulate your metabolism more intensely and increase fat burning.

Tip 3· Breathe out evenly during the exercises

Many people make the mistake of stopping their breath during the exercises. The lack of circulating oxygen creates a pressure that makes you dizzy or dizzy. If you breathe properly and evenly while your body - especially its middle - is working, you will be able to use significantly more power.

Your muscles need oxygenated blood to function properly. Inhale deeply before exercising, making sure to exhale evenly during the crunches or lifting of your body. This will force your abdominals to contract. This way, you can also better use your internal oblique muscles, which are very important for your stability.

Tip 4 · Stretch your stomach in the eccentric phase of the exercise

Concentric or positive movements are a very important part of your abdominal exercises. As with all other muscle regions, the eccentric and negative phases are even more effective. Stretch your upper body as you move it down. So you can address more muscle fibers before you contract your stomach when lifting. Find devices that can help you fully stretch your abdominal wall.

If you only contract your stomach and do only a limited movement, you will get mediocre results. By expanding the contraction phase, you pump more blood into the middle of the body and achieve better results.

Tip 5 · Focus on your target muscle group

When you exercise, you should always be clear in the execution of which muscles you want to train. Quality is more important than quantity. Focus on contracting and stretching with each repetition. For example, if you were just doing the movements while training your lower abdomen, you'll quickly falsify them and make your hip flexor or upper abdominals do the work.

This is an additional thing to remember, that may sound annoying or silly, but when you get used to "connecting" your mind to your muscles, you'll notice a big difference in your workout.

Tip 6 · Vary your exercises

If you have already done billions of crunches at the end of your workouts without leaving a visible impact, you should renew your workout. Choose exercises that challenge you in a new way and use devices or aids to increase your intensity.

For example, use gym exercise balls, medicine balls and a cable machine to improve your abdominal training. Extra weight will help keep your abdominal muscles in a constant state of tension, increasing the effectiveness of your workout.

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