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Active Drink
Active Drink
Active Drink
Active Drink
Active Drink

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Active Drink
(13 customer reviews)

4.87 of 5 are very satisfied.

Lecker und gesund, perfekt für zwischendurch.

Ein leckerer Mineraldrink, mit dem du deinen täglichen Flüssigkeitsbedarf stillen und den du auch während dem Training trinken kannst.

Wenn dir normales Wasser zu langweilig ist und du noch ein paar Extra-Vitamine und Mineralien zu dir nehmen möchtest, ist der Active Drink genau das Richtige für dich. Beim ACTIVE DRINK ist ein echtes Geschmackserlebnis garantiert! Das Getränk hat nahezu keine Kalorien, 100ml enthalten gerade einmal 0,7kcal! Mit einer Flasche (1000ml Konzentrat) kannst 80 Liter Getränk zubereiten!

  • Tasty flavors
  • The flavors of pear melissa, elderberry, mango grapefruit and papaya grape are free of colourants
  • Contains vitamins, magnesium and L-carnitine
  • Low cal, low carb, low fat, low sugar
  • Free of aspartame & glucose
  • Extremely high doses (1:80) - only a few drops of concentrate needed per drink
  • 1000ml high quality concentrate with the best raw materials


1.12 kg


Peach Passion Fruit, Greentea Lime Ice Tea, Mango Grapefruit, Green Apple, Strawberry Rhubarb, Pear Lemon Balm, Elderberry, Papaya Grape, Cherry Banana with Caffeine and Taurine, Raspberry, Black Currant


Product type:



1000 ML

Intake Recommendation:

Dissolve 6 ml concentrate in 500 ml cold water.

Other features:

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Intake times:

in the evening, during training, in between / as required

Nutrition info:

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13 reviews for Active Drink

  1. Birgitt78 -

    Just great, have the tastes of Greentea and mango grapefruit. Next I test strawberry rhubarb. lg

  2. Eileen -

    Almost all already tested & all really delicious. Price also ok, the bottle is really rich and last a long time. my favorites are green tea lime ice tea & peach maracuja.

  3. alicia.kutterer -

    Greentea Lime Ice Tea tastes so delicious !!! The active drinks are a great, low-calorie alternative to other sweet drinks or if you just do not feel like water !! In any case I will order more flavors for testing!

  4. Lesly -

    Addicted to Greentea Ice Tea !!

  5. silvia.ottoni -

    Just perfect for me! I do not like water that way and so I always have something healthy to drink. I really like Green Apple & Greentea Lime Icetea

  6. sabrina-n- -

    I first bought peach passion fruit. It tastes like Ice Tea, only it is healthier and just as delicious. Later I ordered mango grapefruit and this one is only recommended !!!

  7. sarah.G -

    Super delicious 🙂 have mango maracuja and it tastes so good.

  8. Stephanie Krause -

    Got it today and tested it. Mega tasty. I will also try other varieties. At the moment I have the variety greentea lemon. I'm really excited.

  9. manuela1992 -

    I drink almost daily from it. With one bottle gets really mega much drink

  10. Sonja Lupsan -

    Absolutely the best I have ever drunk and have tried other products.

  11. Markobeauty -

    Peach-passion fruit is my favorite! Finally enough liquid to take without putting too much sugar in the body. I can recommend to anyone who has problems drinking enough water.

  12. Vana_ -

    Tastes very good to me, the bottle is very large one has a lot of it ! I do not like it too sweet, always take a little less than indicated. I can highly recommend 🙂

  13. David Mraz -

    Habe mir Kirsch-Banane geholt, und muss sagen das es sehr gut schmeckt. Werde jetzt auch andere Sorten bestellen. Eine nette Abwechslung zum Tee. Gekühlt schmeckt es am besten.

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The products are just amazing! Am amazingly satisfied with everything. Taste and nutritional value are awesome and success can be seen even after just one week. I am very satisfied.


I am thrilled with your great selection and am pleased to try the products.


Very good handling and fast delivery! The products are delicious. I'm excited.


Dear FitnFemale-Team, I was very happy with your delivery and the great products. Also, I was very happy about the little unannounced surprise in the package. Many Thanks.


Taste of the isolates are not artificial. Great company and super fast delivery Top !!! Always happy to order!


I think the shop is great. Also the homepage is class. Everything is explained well and understandable. That's why I ordered the training and nutrition plan.


Great support, unique products - I am a huge fan 👍


Fast processing, fast shipping and the products are also top!


Super fast delivery. The goods correspond to the description. Very good things. Many thanks.


The delivery is super fast. The next day the parcel is there. Your products are great and until now I am completely satisfied.


Very fast delivery and always without problems!


Fast and free delivery, easy payment via Klarna, great perks, goodies in packets, what more do you want?

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