Stay in balance

(8 customer reviews)

An optimal combination of basic trace elements & mineral salts to improve your acid-base balance.

(8 customer reviews)

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Stay in balance

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STAY IN BALANCE is a modern base product. An optimal combination of basic trace elements & mineral salts to improve your acid-base balance. For physically active people, it helps reduce muscle acidification and improve performance and ATP production (for more energy). Magnesium and calcium play important roles in healthy bones and teeth and support normal muscle function.

  • High quality trace elements & mineral salts
  • Gluten free, lactose free and vegan!
  • Made in Germany
  • Delicious, refreshingly light watermelon flavor
  • To mix with a drink
  • Gluten free, lactose free and vegan!


  • By removing and neutralizing acids in the body, the natural acid-base balance is restored.
  • Toxins are washed away with the contained magnesium citrate and zinc gluconate from the cells.
  • Can contribute to weight loss. By taking basic acting products, the body can be prevented from obesity.
Die perfekte Einnahme von Basenpulver
  • The Stay in Balance base powder should always be taken separately from food.
  • The intake should always be at least 30 minutes before a meal or 3 hours after a meal.
  • Mix one serving (= 1 scoop) with 200ml of water. Alternatively, directly into the mouth and rinse with water.

Due to the high mineral content, it is normal for the powder to not dissolve completely.

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Adjust your dosage if necessary

If you are taking base powder for the first time, your body may struggle to take the whole portion at once. Listen to your body. Reduce the amount per day and increase it slowly until you can comfortably digest a whole portion.

Stay in Balance combined with other products

Stay in Balance can be combined with products from FitnFemale or taken orally. However, you should avoid other products with high levels of magnesium during ingestion, as too much can cause a laxative effect.

A good choice for a complementary intake:

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Product type:



300 GR

Intake times:

1 time a day, preferably in the morning


Calciumcitrat, Kaliumcitrat, Magnesiumcitrat, Mangangluconat., Natriumcitrat, Rote Beete Extrakt, Süßungsmittel – Sucralose, Aroma, Inulin, Zinkgluconat

Intake Recommendation:

Dissolve one serving (9g & #8211, one level scoop) once a day in 200-300 ml of water and ingest. Do not exceed recommended daily allowance




Areas of application:




Other features:

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Nutrition info:

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8 reviews for Stay in balance

  1. Veronica Empire -

    Very good, I already feel better since taking. I take the product 3 times a week

  2. Caro -

    The effect is, as with many other products, really great! There is no complaint here.
    But I don't like the taste of watermelon so much. I have to force myself to eat it because I don't like the flavour. Please bring out a tasty iced tea or orange taste. That would be great, so unfortunately no points from me :-/

  3. Stefanie Muff -

    The taste of watermelon is too extreme for me must force me to drink it every morning, would rather have something with iced tea taste. But the product otherwise super.

  4. Silvia -

    I have only been using the product for a week, so I cannot say anything about its effect yet.

    Since I love watermelon for dinner, I thought I would order this drink. For me the taste is also a bit too strong; I don't really like it and don't like drinking it.

    However, the product Biotics with iced tea taste is very tasty and I like to drink it.

  5. Caroline Novak -

    I can only close myself to the other opinions. Another flavor like apple, or Ice Tea Lemon would be great. Unfortunately watermelon does not taste at all. Of all the products that I have from you, this is the one that I like best. But because of the effect I would not like to do without it 🙁

  6. Julia -

    I have tested this Stay in Balance and am really very satisfied with it! Already after a short time I felt more energetic and vital.
    I have noticed this especially in my stressful job. I have become much calmer and more relaxed. In general, I feel more agile and balanced. Taste-wise I find watermelon intense but OK, I hope for more flavors to alternate.

  7. FitnFemale -

    Dear Carolin. Good news: We took the feedback on the flavor seriously and developed the new "Lemon" flavor. The new flavor is subtle and not too sweet.

  8. unicorn2000 -

    Lemon is viieel better than watermelon 👌

  9. estelle.lina -

    Satisfied, I drink every day and just feel good

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