Vitamin D3 Drops - high dose

(9 customer reviews)

The important all-rounder for your health!

(9 customer reviews)

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Vitamin D3 drops - Micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements are at least as important for our organism as the macronutrients carbohydrates, proteins and fat. The fat-soluble vitamin D3 plays a special role in this, which we can only absorb in small amounts through our diet.

  • Highly dosed, vegan vitamin D3 with 1000 I.E (25 µg) per serving.
  • Liquid D3 (Cholecalciferol) in high-quality MCT oil from coconut.
  • Improves bone health
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Reduction of diabetes risk
  • Holistic effect: For immune system, bones and muscles
  • Practical dosage with pipette, high-quality glass bottle, pleasant taste
  • 3 month supply - 100 servings
  • Made in Germany

Science is bringing to light more and more mechanisms of action of vitamin D3. One of the most important processes is the development of the defense cells of the immune system. In addition, vitamin D3 plays a major role in calcium metabolism, strengthening bones and muscle strength. In addition, some studies provide evidence that vitamin D may also have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and on the risk of diabetes and cancer. A permanent supplementation is especially recommended in winter.

What are the consequences of a vitamin D3 deficiency?
For a vitamin that is as important to the human body as vitamin D3, prolonged deficiency treatment naturally has consequences. And these are dramatic, because a deficiency leads among other things in adult humans to the so-called bone softening (osteomalacia). In addition, there are headaches, muscle aches, tiredness, an increased risk of osteoporosis and a greater susceptibility to infection. Even in children, the defect is highly problematic, especially as it can come here by the bone softening even the skull deformity.

The key to our health

According to a study at Oxford University, gene receptors throughout the body need sufficient amounts of vitamin D for gene expression (transcription of genetic information) to function normally.

A lack of vitamin D can therefore lead to serious diseases. The reason why vitamin D is the key to our health lies in our genes.


0.15 kg

Product type:



100 Portionen, 50ml

Intake Recommendation:

Put a ½ pipette filling (0.5 ml) directly into the mouth every day. Do not exceed the indicated recommended daily dose.

Intake times:

In the morning, in between / If required

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Other features:

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Nutrition info:

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MCT oil (coconut), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)




9 reviews for Vitamin D3 Drops - high dose

  1. Eva -

    Generous & pleasant bottle, beautiful design. Always stands at my place of work, so I don't forget to take it 💕

  2. Manuela -

    Thanks to the vitamin D3 drops, we were able to replenish our vitamin D levels in a short time and feel much better since then. The delivery was also very reliable. Many thanks for that.

  3. Ricarda -

    Fast delivery, easy to dose, virtually tasteless with a slight coconut flavor.

  4. Nadine -

    With vitamin D3 drops I am sure not to have fillers etc. but pure bioavailable D3. Together with your vitamin tablets I feel much more alert and health stable. I have distributed it to my whole family.

  5. Susanne H. -

    Since I work in a laboratory and check my blood values regularly, I could determine a doubling of my (at the beginning very low) vitamin D3 level after just under a month of intake! I am very satisfied and should now order the product for my colleagues.

  6. Valeria -

    Especially in winter everyone should take vitamin D. We now all take it in the family and the children love to take it from the pipette. Absolutely recommended

  7. Tatjana -

    I am very at peace with the vitamin D drops. Take half a pippet daily. I take now already over 4 weeks, felt the bottle is still an eternity.

  8. Mona Sankhla -

    Finde ich sehr handlich und das Design ist einfach top. Ist mal was anderes als immer nur die Tabletten einzunehmen.

  9. Leonie -

    Super Drops, schade das man die bei euch nicht im „Abo-Modell“ alle 3 Monate automatisch nachbestellen kann.

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